Customer Testimonials

    • Name : Deborah
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £2500

    A car pulled out of a side street. They weren’t looking and went straight into us. We chose AAH. They sounded more friendly. They asked what had happened, how it happened and whether we were hurt. They were very quick and very helpful. I received £2500.

    • Name : Tina
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £3800

    Somebody hit the back of my car while I was waiting for someone to cross at a zebra crossing and shunted me forward, causing me to have whiplash, a back injury and now vertigo. My husband suggested that we needed to go ahead and get some compensation as we were paying quite a lot of money for physiotherapy and I was off work for quite a long time.

    Accident Advice Helpline were really brilliant, they made everything really easy. The paperwork was simple to fill in. It was all sorted out very quickly. Because all the forms were pre-printed, it only took five minutes to check the details were correct and sign. I would definitely recommend Accident Advice Helpline. Everything was done so quickly and the staff were really friendly and helpful. My claim was £3800.

    • Name : Rebecca
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £5000

    I had a car accident. I was actually pregnant at the time. I sustained back injuries and whiplash injury. I didn’t actually call AAH: I did the 30 second test, which asked a few general questions about my accident to see if I was entitled to any compensation.

    It was really quick and easy – literally 30 seconds –it was just brilliant for somebody to be sympathetic towards me and be willing to take on my case so it was fantastic. They were polite and sympathetic and just helped me out. I received over £5000: when they say they are 100% no-win, no-fee*, they mean it. I would recommend Accident Advice Helpline to anybody.

    • Name : Martin
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £5500

    I’ve had an RTA. I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulder and right arm. I was advised to contact Accident Advice Helpline by my friends and family as I was having problems with pain after the accident. You go online through their website and do a quick test which takes no longer than 30 seconds, and they can assess whether you can apply for compensation.

    They give you a rough guide of what you are able to claim for. The advice is absolutely free – I did not spend a single penny. I received £5500 and I would recommend Accident Advice Helpline to everybody.

    • Name : Peter
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £4500

    I got in touch with Accident Advice Helpline after a serious motor accident. I sustained mainly whiplash and back injury. I was off work for 10 weeks. I spoke directly to a representative from AAH and they were ever so helpful. They took all my details.

    The next day a complete pack turned up, and from there it was plain sailing. It took a lot of the stress out of the situation. I certainly wouldn’t have had a clue where to even start. They were ever so professional in everything they did, they knew exactly what I was going through and understood the whole process, which made it easier for me. I received over £4500.

    • Name : Amanda
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £2000

    We were on a roundabout and somebody hit our car from behind and shunted us on to the roundabout.

    We contacted Accident Advice Helpline by telephone. When I spoke to them I told them exactly what had happened and they advised me about what to do moving forward.

    They were very friendly, very efficient and explained the process to me. It was a very fast, efficient and professional service, and we received just over £2000.

    • Name : Ann
    • Accident Type : Work Accident
    • Amount : £6500

    I had a facial injury at work when a large fridge door hit me full-face and broke my nose. After the accident I couldn’t go to work, and saw Esther Rantzen doing the advert on TV. I called straight away.

    They were very professional, helpful and sympathetic. It was nice to hear a genuine person on the end of the phone.

    I found Accident Advice Helpline’s approach very genuine: they kept me in contact and up to date with all the process. I felt secure that they were doing everything that they possibly could for me. I received £6500.

    • Name : Debra
    • Accident Type : Slip, Trip & Fall
    • Amount : £3800

    I was visiting a friend and fell down a stairwell on some water. I slipped and broke my elbow. I’d seen the advert with Esther Rantzen on the TV several times before.

    A friend suggested that I should go online have a look and maybe and get in touch with AAH, and that’s what I did. They were very helpful, very professional. If I couldn’t speak to the man who was dealing with my case. I spoke to somebody else and they would leave a message for him to get back to me.

    It was very professional and very quick. They took all the stress away and did everything. I received £3800 for my accident.

    • Name : Richard
    • Accident Type : Road Accident
    • Amount : £3500

    I was riding home one evening on my bicycle, quite happily coming down the main road. I got towards a T junction when a chap in a van decided ‘Time to go’ – bash, straight into me, over the top, and there’s me lying on Brentford High Street.

    I sustained injury to my left and right leg, arms, a cut lip, and I was just generally knocked about and had a bit of whiplash. I’ve still got aches and pains now and it’s taken a good six months to get over it.

    I was sitting indoors on a Sunday, two days after the accident, and I saw a nice picture of Esther and read into it and made a phone call. From there it was more or less done over the telephone. It was extremely professional. I was amazed at how quick and efficient they actually were. It’s dead easy and I’d recommend it to anyone. Don’t sit back and say ‘I’m not going to get anything out of this’- go for it – it proves it works. I received £3500.