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Are there any UK motorcycle accident statistics?

Are you looking for UK motorcycle accident statistics? Read our helpful article and call Accident Advice Helpline today for more information about claiming.

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What can we learn from UK motorcycle accident statistics?

The more you drill down into these statistics, the easier it is to tell where, why, and how accidents may potentially happen. While the number of people killed on our roads in all accidents is relatively low, even one death is one too many - and one that will affect many people. Since bikers are at much greater risk of death if they are involved in accidents, it makes sense to take preventative action wherever you can if you ride a motorcycle. Being complacent and assuming it will never happen to you must surely raise the odds that you could indeed be involved in an accident.

Of course, car drivers and other road users must also be more alert to bikers being near them. It is not as easy to see a motorcyclist as it is to see another car or a lorry, for example. If you are out biking, take every precaution you can. Keep your speed down, don't be tempted to weave in and out of traffic, and take care to watch what others are doing as well as controlling your own actions. Other UK motorcycle accident statistics reveal that a full 74% of biker casualties happen on built-up roads with speed limits no higher than 40mph. It is also more likely you will suffer an accident during the spring or summer months, since you are more likely to be out biking then. This might come as a surprise, since the winter months bring ice and frost hazards, which could lead to an accident. However, perhaps we all take greater care during those months, which is possibly why accidents are less common, as indicated in UK motorcycle accident statistics.

Motorcycles have become more popular in recent years

It is also worth exploring the statistics relating to registered motorcycles in Great Britain in recent years. Measured in 1,000 units, the figure back in 2000 was 953.7 motorcycles. This compares to the much higher 24,405.5 for cars. In 2016, the most recent year we have statistics for, the number of licensed motorcycles in Great Britain had risen to 1,248.1 - an increase of 294.4 over 16 years.

What are the most dangerous points on the roads for motorcyclists?

Junctions have been noted as one of the more dangerous road layouts for motorcyclists to use. According to UK motorcycle accident statistics given on the government's Think! website, 30 motorcyclists are either killed or injured every single day at these points on the roads. There is theoretically a much greater chance of an accident happening at a junction, since various vehicles may all arrive at the junction at the same time.

While you cannot account for what other road users will do, you should take every precaution to ride safely if you ride a motorcycle. This cannot fully protect you, but it will reduce the chances you will be injured while riding on the roads. Riding defensively is essential, because it will help you minimise the odds of being left with injuries. If you want more information on reducing your vulnerability on the roads, the road safety charity Brake has some excellent information on various aspects of motorcycle riding. Slowing down is just one of the recommendations they make.

Can you claim for injuries caused in an accident with another road users?

If you can prove someone else was at fault for the road accident you were involved in, then yes, there is a chance you could receive compensation for the injuries you suffered in that accident. Make sure you swap details with whoever else was involved, as this is required by law. You will need their details to make a claim on your insurance, too. If they flee the scene, make sure you call the police and get as many details about the make and model of vehicle involved - and ideally the number plate, too.

If you want to learn more about trying to claim compensation, call us on now. UK motorcycle accident statistics only reveal half the picture - you may already know the personal cost of being injured by someone who did not take enough care and injured you by knocking you off your bike. Find out whether a no win no fee claim would lead to a compensation award for you, by contacting us now or taking the 30-second testTM you will find here on our website. Act today and call now.

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