Whilst personal injury claims are not usually complicated, they can take some time to process, and why should you want to wait around to find out how much compensation you’re going to get? It’s normal to want to have an idea of what your settlement could be before your claim has concluded, and there’s actually a fairly easy way to go about getting this.

It is easy to find an injury claim calculator online that can give you an estimate of how much compensation you could be entitled to, and for the most part they are fairly accurate – although no injury claim calculator can give you an exact figure, as this takes into account so many different factors.

How does Accident Advice Helpline’s injury claim calculator work?

The 30-second test or injury claim calculator on our website asks for a number of different criteria to be met, in order to give you an estimate of how much compensation you could be entitled to after your accident. It will ask you:

  • Did your accident occur in the last three years?
  • Was your accident somebody else’s fault?
  • Which body part or parts did you injure?
  • Did you seek medical attention?

Provided your accident was caused by somebody else, you were injured and you sought medical attention for your injuries, you should be eligible to make a personal injury claim. There’s also a three-year time limit for all claims, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re within this time limit in order to be eligible.

Why should I use your injury claim calculator?

Unlike some other calculators you’ll find online, our injury claim calculator will give you a (fairly) accurate guide as to how much compensation you could receive, if your claim is successful. That’s because it has been developed using knowledge and experience gained since we were established in 2000, with the help of expert personal injury lawyers. Not every injury claim calculator you will find online will give you an accurate figure, but you should always remember that this is just a guide.

Is the figure given by the calculator an exact amount?

No, it’s not possible for the injury claim calculator to give you an exact figure when it comes to estimating the amount of compensation you could be entitled to after your accident. This is because every single personal injury claim is different. There are a number of different factors which could affect how much compensation you could be entitled to. For example, the severity of your injuries is the main factor which will determine how much compensation you could receive. Generally speaking, more serious injuries will attract a larger personal injury settlement. But we’ll also take into account a range of other things, such as:

  • How your injuries have affected your life – for example, are you unable to return to work or take part in your usual activities, or are you unable to walk/use your hand or arm?
  • What medical treatment you required after your accident
  • The cost of any medical treatment you required
  • Your recovery time and how this has impacted your life – for example, did you need to take time off to recover?
  • Any financial losses you have suffered – this could include loss of earnings, the cost of prescription medication, care and medical treatment and so on
  • Any conditions or illnesses which have been made worse as a result of your injuries

All these factors can impact how much compensation you could receive after your accident, so even for two people with seemingly similar injuries, the personal injury settlements could vary greatly. This is why using the injury claim calculator will only ever give you a guide as to what you could be entitled to claim, if you go ahead.

Do I have to proceed with a claim after using the calculator?

Using Accident Advice Helpline’s injury claim calculator places you under absolutely no obligation to proceed with a claim at all. Many people use our calculator to give them an idea as to what they could be entitled to claim, which then helps them to decide whether or not they wish to go ahead with a claim for compensation. Should you decide you want to proceed with a claim, the next step will be to get in touch with one of our professional personal injury advisors for advice and to discuss the circumstances of your accident in more detail.

If you decide you no longer wish to go ahead with a claim, there are no fee*s to pay and no obligation at any point, so it is well worth using our calculator just to see how much you could be entitled to claim.

Does this mean I am definitely eligible to claim personal injury compensation?

As with everything in life, there are no guarantees that you will actually be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation after you have used our injury claim calculator. The only way to find out if you have a viable claim is to get in touch with us, as we will need to ask you questions about how your accident happened and your injuries, in order to determine if you are eligible to make a claim. We need to gather information to assess whether your accident was somebody else’s fault, and what treatment you received after your accident, in order to assess your claim.

If you do have a viable claim then we will be able to get started right away gathering evidence in support of your claim – this includes liaising with medical professionals responsible for your treatment to get copies of your medical reports and other evidence, such as police reports if you were injured in a road traffic accident, for example.

What types of accidents can you claim compensation for?

Many of us think of slipping on a wet floor or suffering whiplash after a car accident when it comes to making a personal injury claim, but you can actually make a personal injury claim for almost any type of accident, provided somebody else was responsible and you sought medical treatment for your injuries. So what types of accidents can you claim compensation for? We are asked this question a lot, so we have pulled together a list of the most common types of accidents to give you an idea:

Road traffic accidents

This can include being injured whilst driving a car or other vehicle, travelling as a passenger, crossing the road as a pedestrian, cycling a bike or even riding a motorcycle.

Public transport accidents

You could claim compensation if you are injured whilst travelling on a train, bus or other form of public transport, including at bus and train stations.

Slips, trips and falls

These are amongst the most common accidents that we handle claims for, and you could claim compensation for a slip or trip in public or at work, as well as for falls from height or down flights of stairs, escalators and so on.

Accidents at work

Claiming compensation for accidents at work is also fairly common and if your employer has been negligent with regards to health and safety at your place of work, we could help you to make a personal injury claim, whether you work in a factory, warehouse, shop, office or some other type of environment.

Accidents in public

You may have been injured at your local leisure centre or shopping centre or even suffered injuries after an accident in the town centre or at the supermarket, and you deserve to be compensated if somebody else was at fault.

Food poisoning

Many people don’t realise that you could make a personal injury claim if you have been a victim of food poisoning after eating out at a restaurant, pub or hotel. You could even claim compensation if you have been struck down by food poisoning after a meal from your favourite takeaway.

Accidents on holiday

If you have been injured whilst on holiday abroad, you may be able to claim compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as money towards the cost of your ruined holiday. In order to be eligible, you must have booked a package holiday (flight and accommodation) through a UK tour operator, as they could be held responsible if something goes wrong during your trip. Unfortunately, if you have booked your flight and accommodation independently, you won’t be eligible to claim personal injury compensation if you have an accident or suffer food poisoning whilst you’re abroad.

So why should I choose Accident Advice Helpline?

So now that you know which types of accidents you could make a personal injury claim for, why should you make your claim with Accident Advice Helpline? Well, we have been helping people claim compensation for over 16 years. This means that we have the experience and knowledge to give your claim the best possible chance of success. We have a team of lawyers and advisors who cover the whole of the UK, and we offer confidential, no-obligation advice, which means you can get in touch with us at any point after your accident.

You don’t need to worry about how you will afford expensive legal fees either, as our personal injury lawyers work on a 100% no-win, no-fee* basis, so there are no fee*s to worry about. You will only pay a fee if your claim is successful, and this will be deducted from your personal injury settlement.

Is there anything I should do after my accident?

To give your claim the best possible chance of being successful, there are some things you could try to do after your accident. Whilst these can all be helpful, they are not essential, and it is perfectly possible to make a claim even if you have not been able to do any or all of these things:

  • Take photographs of the scene of your accident – for example, if you tripped on damaged flooring at work, take a photograph of the flooring and the surrounding area
  • Photograph your injuries before you receive medical treatment – obviously this may not be possible if you are being rushed to hospital
  • Report your accident to whoever is in charge – for example, if you’re injured at work, speak to your boss, whilst if you suffer food poisoning after dining at a restaurant, you should report this to the management
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries, even if they are minor. If you don’t seek medical attention, you may find you are unable to make a personal injury claim later on
  • Keep copies of any receipts relating to expenses after your accident, such as copies of bus tickets for travel to and from medical appointments, receipts for the cost of any prescription medication and so on – your financial losses can form part of your personal injury claim

Even if you don’t have any of these things to hand, give us a call and we will let you know whether you have a viable claim.

What should I do next?

Once you’ve used the injury claim calculator on our website, get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline to see whether you are eligible to make a 100% no-win, no-fee* claim after your accident. It may be that you are entitled to a substantial sum in compensation, for example if you have suffered a serious head injury after a road traffic accident or been left paralysed after a fall from height. If you’re unable to call us, you can ask a family member to call on your behalf and claim for you.

It’s free to call our helpline from a landline on 0800 689 0500, or you can call from your mobile on 0333 500 0993 (charges may apply, depending on your network). We will never pressure you into making a claim, so if you want to get some advice today and then take some time to think things through, that’s fine with us. Because there is a three-year time limit in place for all claims, we’d rather you got in touch with us as soon as possible after your accident, to see if you’re eligible to make a claim and get the advice you need. So call us today and speak to one of our helpful, friendly personal injury advisors.