If you have been injured in an accident that was somebody else’s fault, then you may be entitled to receive personal injury compensation, and the best way to find out is by calling a personal injury lawyer. If you’ve sustained serious injuries, you could be entitled to a substantial sum in compensation, so it is well worth exploring your options after your accident. Compensation claims don’t have to be complex – hiring a reputable personal injury lawyer will give your claim the best possible chance of success.

What can Accident Advice Helpline do for you?

If you think you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation then you can get in touch with us at any point after your accident. It’s free to call us and there is no obligation to proceed when it comes to compensation claims – and you’ll find that we cover the whole of the UK, wherever you were injured. Whether you’ve suffered injuries after a road traffic accident in Wales or have injured your back after an accident at work in Scotland, we have a personal injury specialist who can help you – all you need to do is get in touch after your accident.

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What types of accidents can you claim compensation for?

When you hear about compensation claims, many of us just think about life-changing injuries, for example injuries sustained in a road traffic accident. In actual fact, you can make compensation claims for almost any type of accident, provided somebody else was to blame and you sustained injuries which required medical attention. This includes all of the following types of accidents:

Road traffic accidents

You could be injured as a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist or a pedestrian – all that matters is that another person was responsible for your accident. If this is the case then you could receive compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings. Every year, thousands of people are injured in accidents across the UK, and many don’t make compensation claims. Even if you have suffered minor injuries such as whiplash, you could still be entitled to a personal injury settlement.

Accidents at work

You could make a personal injury claim for an accident at work if somebody else, for example your employer, was to blame. Examples of this could include if you were injured due to faulty equipment whilst working in a factory, or if you were hit by a forklift being driven by another member of staff who had not received proper training. In both these cases, employer negligence could be deemed to have caused your accident, and as a result you could make a claim for compensation.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are amongst the most common types of accidents to happen – and they’re also common at work. Whether you have slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket or tripped over files left lying around in the office at work, you could be entitled to receive compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings. Slip, trip and fall injuries can range from minor injuries like cuts and bruises through to serious back and head injuries.

Food poisoning

One type of accident that not many people realise you can make compensation claims for is food poisoning. Have you enjoyed a meal out at your favourite restaurant or even ordered a takeaway and then suffered from vomiting, diarrhoea and other symptoms of food poisoning? If this has happened to you then you may be able to claim compensation – after all, the establishment in question has been negligent, which has led to your illness. Accident Advice Helpline has helped hundreds of people with compensation claims for food poisoning after eating out at a pub or restaurant, and we could help you too.

Can I claim compensation for minor injuries?

Sadly, many people miss out on making a personal injury claim as they assume that their injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant compensation. You can make a claim for almost any type of injury, provided you sought medical attention after your accident. Things like whiplash, cuts and bruises or a sprained ankle could all entitle you to compensation, if you saw your doctor for a diagnosis. This is because (a) somebody else caused your accident and (b) your injuries can still affect your life, even if they are minor.

For example, you may need to take a few weeks off work if you have sprained your ankle after a trip or suffered whiplash after a car accident, and you could be entitled to claim compensation for your loss of earnings and any other financial losses you have suffered. Generally speaking, the more serious your injuries, the more compensation you are entitled to receive, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t make a claim for minor injuries.

Can I claim compensation for psychological trauma?

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we are often asked if it’s possible to claim compensation for psychological injuries as well as physical ones. Whilst generally you do need to have sustained some physical injury in addition to psychological injuries in order to make a claim for personal injury compensation, there are cases where it is possible to make a claim for psychological trauma. For example, if you have witnessed a particularly traumatic event, such as a fatal car crash on a motorway, then you may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can result in anxiety, flashbacks and a number of other troubling symptoms that can seriously affect your quality of life.

If this has happened to you or to a family member, speak to one of our advisors and we will see if we can help you to make a claim for compensation.

Is there a time limit to make a personal injury claim?

Whilst getting in touch with a personal injury specialist may not be the first thing on your mind after an accident, it is a good idea to call Accident Advice Helpline as soon as you start to think about making a personal injury claim. That’s because there is a three-year time limit in place to make compensation claims, and this can only be exceeded in very rare cases.

The best thing to do is to call us when you are on the road to recovery, to find out whether or not you have a viable claim and give you the time to think about how you would like to proceed. There is never any obligation to proceed with a claim when you call us, so you can get in touch with us at any time.

Will I have to go to court to claim compensation after my accident?

It’s normal to feel concerned about the possibility of having to go to court after your accident, and for most people, this is one stress they just don’t need at an already difficult time. The good news is that it is very unlikely you will have to go to court to get the compensation you’re entitled to. Accident Advice Helpline can process most claims over the phone, and you would only need to go to court if the other side denies liability for your injuries. Whilst this is rare, it can happen, but we will support you throughout the court proceedings if you do have to go to court, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Why should I choose Accident Advice Helpline to handle my claim?

There are many reasons why you should choose Accident Advice Helpline to handle your personal injury claim after your accident. The main reason is that we have over 16 years’ experience, which means we have handled a lot of compensation claims. In case you need any more reasons, here are just a few:

  • We have a team of specialist personal injury lawyers with experience handling a wide variety of types of claims
  • We don’t charge any upfront fees – we operate on a 100% no-win, no-fee* basis
  • We offer no-obligation, free initial advice to anybody who calls our helpline
  • You probably won’t have to go to court, as most claims can be processed over the phone
  • No matter where you live in the country, we will have a personal injury lawyer available to help you
  • We take the time to listen and be supportive after your accident
  • We will keep you informed at every stage of the claims process

We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible after your accident, to give your claim the best possible chance of success.

How much compensation could I get for my injuries?

This is a question we get asked a lot, but it’s also one which is very difficult for us to answer. Every single personal injury claim is different, and, as a result, compensation claims are handled on an individual basis. This means that one whiplash claim, for example, could vary drastically from the next, whilst two people who have both suffered a broken ankle after a slip or trip could each receive very different amounts of compensation.

There are so many different factors to take into account when processing compensation claims that we really need to speak to you about your accident in order to tell you how much you are likely to receive. But if you’d like an idea of how much you could claim, you could always take the 30-second test on our website, which will give you a rough idea.

Getting in touch with Accident Advice Helpline

The best thing to do after your accident is to get in touch with us. Whether you have been injured in an accident at work, a road traffic accident or an accident in a public place, you could be eligible to receive compensation if somebody else caused your accident and injuries. You can give Accident Advice Helpline a call on 0800 689 0500 or 0333 500 0993 from a mobile and find out today if you have a viable claim. If you do, you can take some time to think about whether or not you would like to proceed, or we can get the ball rolling on your claim straight away and start to gather evidence in support of your claim – the choice is yours.

Not everybody who calls us decides to go ahead with compensation claims, and that’s why all advice we offer is on a no-obligation basis, so you will never feel pressured to proceed at any point. Because we don’t charge any upfront fees, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us to find out more about making a 100% no-win, no-fee* claim. Our professional personal injury advisors and lawyers are standing by ready to take your call, and it is free to call us from a landlines (charges may apply if you call us from a mobile), so get in touch with us today.


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