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What is asbestos?

If you work in industry or in the construction trade you may have sometimes wondered, what is asbestos? Asbestos is an extremely heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that is fire resistant and has been used as an insulating material or used in brake linings. It can also be woven into fabric which makes it easy to lay.

What is asbestos and can it hurt you?

Unfortunately asbestos is known to be deadly if not handled by experts, and more than 5000 people die from asbestosis across the UK every year, including 20 tradesmen in recent figures released by the HSE. When the fibres are inhaled they can cause serious disease, including asbestosis which is a scarring condition of the lung. If you want to know what is asbestos because you have been exposed to it, you need to take medical advice straight away.

Making a claim for asbestosis

If you have a confirmed case of asbestosis and would like to claim compensation for this you should consider getting in touch with us here at Accident Advice Helpline. making a claim with us is perfectly straightforward, so call us today.

We will need to know as much detail about your exposure to asbestos as possible. When and where were you exposed? Were you knowingly exposed? Did you have the proper training for dealing with asbestos? Did you have the correct equipment for working with asbestos? These details enable us to work out who to make the claim against.

We’ll then also need to know about your medical treatment. Tell us when you were first diagnosed and give us the details of your current treatment. What’s your prognosis?

Tell us also about how asbestosis is affecting your quality of life. How mobile are you for example? Do you need additional care? Knowing all of these details helps us to tailor a compensation claim specifically for your needs.

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