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What are military accidents?

Accidents happen all over the UK everyday. Some are minor and some are serious and there are many different causes of them all. There are some very common accidents, such as slips, trips and falls, road traffic accidents and accidents at work. There are then the not-so-common ones, and this is why some people ask what are military accidents?

What are military accidents?

Military accidents can be pretty much the same as all other accidents. They can happen on the roads, on the camps or anywhere else that military personnel happen to be.

Of course, there are the injuries that can be sustained in battle, but the armed forces are aware of that risk when they join the Army, Navy or Air Force.

What about the injuries they could sustain in training because the correct health and safety measures are not in place? In this situation, they could be entitled to compensation.

If you are injured while on the roads in a military vehicle, or when you are training, and the accident you were injured in was not your fault, you should get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline to discuss making a compensation claim.

Contacting the experts

If you are in the armed forces, you will probably not be wondering what are military accidents. You will have seen them happen from time to time, just as they take place in all walks of life. Like everyone else, you can claim compensation if an accident could have been avoided, and it was not your fault. To qualify for compensation, your injuries must have received medical treatment, and you should not leave it more than three years to start your claim.

Getting expert help is important, so that your claim has its best chance of being successful. This is exactly why we receive over 25,000 calls to our helpline every month – innocent victims getting in touch, so that we can help them get the justice they deserve.

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