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Vibration white finger

I think I have Vibration White Finger

Vibration White Finger, or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, is caused by using vibrating hand tools over a very long period of time.  The vibration from these tools, if they are used very regularly for a number of years, can damage the blood vessels in your hands and arms, restricting your blood flow within your hand and causing the distinctive “white finger”.  If you continue to use vibration tools after the vibration white finger symptoms begin, the condition can quickly progress from mild to debilitating.

What should I do now that I have Vibration White Finger?

If you have already developed symptoms of vibration white finger it is essential that you immediately:

  • Tell your employer about your symptoms
  • Stop using any power tools, even if this is part of your employment
  • Speak to your doctor immediately
  • Seek legal advice

Why do I need to seek legal advice?

Your employer has a duty of care to you while you are employed by them. They have a legal obligation to make sure that your work does not cause you injury. Employers in manual trades and work that involves using power tools are required to make sure that they minimise the impact of any vibration on you, their employee. They also have a legal duty to make sure that you are trained and given full information on the risks of your equipment. Your employer should be monitoring your use of the equipment, your health and the time and frequency with which you are using these tools.

Sadly, some employers do not fulfil their duties properly. If your employer has not protected your health and safety adequately, then they have been negligent. If their negligence has been a direct or indirect cause of your vibration white finger then you are entitled to claim compensation.

So how do I get legal advice and claim compensation?

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we work with solicitors all over the UK, each with their areas of expertise and specialism. We can match you to a no win no fee lawyer in your area who has dealt with vibration white finger claims and can support you throughout your compensation claim.

Just call us on our free 24 hour helpline. Our advisors will give you free advice on your options. You are never under any obligation to take your case forward, so you have nothing to risk by calling us and talking through your circumstances. But remember that vibration white finger is a very serious condition that will get worse if you continue to use hand tools, so it is very important that you take action now. If your condition is having an impact on your ability to work and to live life to the full, you need to make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.