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Vehicle personal injury claim

All sorts of accidents and illnesses can give rise to compensation claims, but a large proportion of injury claims arise from car crashes and road collisions. With so much traffic on the roads, it’s not surprising that there are over 180,000 people injured on UK carriageways each year.

Despite so many accidents taking place, not every victim makes a vehicle personal injury claim. Unfortunately, people may not realise that they’re eligible to make a claim or they may assume that making a claim will be too costly or too much hassle.

In fact, more people are eligible to claim compensation than you might realise and making a claim certainly doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work, particularly with Accident Advice Helpline on your side.

If you’ve been injured due to an accident on the roads and you weren’t at fault, you should have a good basis for a personal injury claim. Providing you received medical treatment for your injuries and you make your claim within three years of the incident taking place, it’s likely that your vehicle personal injury claim will be successful.

To find out more about making a claim for the injuries you’ve sustained, contact us at Accident Advice Helpline today. With over 17 years experience in the personal injury industry, we’ll provide all the help you need when it comes to claiming personal injury compensation.

Claiming vehicle injury compensation

Although plenty of car and van drivers are injured on the roads each year, all types of road users are entitled to obtain compensation after an accident. Cyclists and motorcyclists, for example, are very vulnerable on the roads and they often suffer serious injuries when a collision occurs. Even when cyclists and motorcyclists wear appropriate safety helmets and clothes, they don’t have the same protection as passengers in a vehicle.

Similarly, pedestrians can come off worse if they’re involved in a collision of some sort. Whilst a high speed crash can result in catastrophic injuries, even a minor bump from a vehicle can cause a pedestrian to sustain serious injuries.

If you’ve been hurt on the road and you weren’t travelling in a vehicle at the time, this shouldn’t prevent you from obtaining compensation. If someone else was at fault and you didn’t cause the incident, you should be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about taking action or claiming vehicle injury compensation, simply get in touch with our friendly personal injury advisers and we’ll be happy to help.

Obtaining vehicle injury compensation on behalf of a child

Unfortunately, children are often the victims of road traffic accidents and they shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to claiming compensation. Although you need to be over eighteen in order to take legal action, a child or teenager can certainly be awarded compensation after an accident.

If a parent or guardian makes a successful vehicle personal injury claim on their behalf, the child will be awarded compensation. In most cases, their compensation award will be placed in a trust and the child’s parents or guardians will be able to access the funds in order to benefit the child.

If the accident victim requires additional help at school due to their injuries, for example, their compensation award could help to fund this. Alternatively, if the child requires intensive physical rehabilitation or modifications to be made at home, their compensation award can be used to facilitate this.

If a child or young person has been hurt, you can make sure their voice is heard by making a claim on their behalf. Whilst obtaining vehicle injury compensation on behalf of a child may sound complicated, it really doesn’t need to be.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ll do everything necessary to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. contact us now and find out everything you need to know.

Claiming after a public transport vehicle injury

When road traffic accidents occur, it isn’t just private vehicles that can be involved. With buses and public coaches travelling across towns, cities and villages, there are a considerable number of public transport accidents each year too.

If you’ve been hurt in this way, you should certainly consider claiming after a public transport vehicle injury. If there was something wrong with the vehicle and it caused you to suffer harm, for example, the transport company may be held liable and you could obtain compensation from them. Alternatively, if the driver or another road user made an error and a collision occurred, you can claim compensation from the liable party.

Although can make a claim for more serious injuries, you can also obtain compensation for relatively minor ones. As long as you received some kind of medical treatment for them and they were caused by someone else, you should be compensated for your injuries. Contact Accident Advice Helpline today and let us provide the help you need.

Making a vehicle injury claim after a fatality

Sadly, it’s estimated that there are an average of five deaths on UK roads each day. Despite many successful road safety campaigns being launched, a significant number of people lose their loved ones to road traffic accidents each year.

Whilst no amount of compensation can make up for the death of a spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling or child, financial compensation can be of practical help and making a vehicle injury claim after a fatality doesn’t have to be a complex process. If you’ve lost a loved one because of a non-fault accident, we can help.

The last thing a grieving family needs to think about are money worries, debts or lengthy legal battles. When you choose to work with us, we’ll handle every part of your claim so that you don’t have to. By obtaining compensation, financial pressure can be eased and relatives will be able to focus on what’s important, rather than worrying about daily stresses and strains.

At Accident Advice Helpline, our empathetic advisers will be on hand to provide any assistance you need. Get in touch with our dedicated personal injury team today and talk to us in confidence.

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Whether you’ve suffered a minor injury, been seriously hurt or lost a loved one, you’ll need to get expert legal advice before you make your vehicle personal injury claim. However, there’s no need to build up big legal bills in order to access the support you need. At Accident Advice Helpline, we provide free no-obligation advice so you can find out more about making a claim without feeling pressured.

If you decide to go ahead with your claim, we can even assist you on a no win no fee basis so you won’t have to pay anything upfront at all.

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