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Was the accident your fault?
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Training for working with tools

Have you suffered an injury in the workplace?

Have you been injured at work? Was your injury caused by your work with tools? If so, is your employer to blame?

Accidents happen every day. Thankfully, many of them are not serious. But if you have suffered an injury at work when you were working with tools, don’t simply assume that you were at fault. A shocking 7 out of 10 people that are eligible for compensation every year never make their claim. This is for a number of reasons, but one of the causes of not making a claim is the victim assuming that they were at fault.

Is your employer to blame?

If you have suffered a tool injury at work, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you received adequate training for working with tools?
  • Had your employer risk assessed your work?
  • Were safe systems of work in place?
  • Did you have the personal protective equipment that you needed?

If your answer to any of these points is no, you should give us a call to discuss your eligibility for claiming compensation. After all, if you have been injured because your employer failed to give you training for working with tools or the protective equipment you needed, why should you pay the price?

Training for working with tools and protective equipment

If your employer is fulfilling their statutory health and safety duties, the work you do will have been risk assessed. And any risk assessment for working with tools is likely to have included at least two elements – training for working with tools and protective equipment.

Before working with the tools that have led to your accident, you should have received training to a good standard. If you feel that this training did not happen or was not sufficient, you are likely to be able to claim compensation. Similarly, if there was protective equipment such as gloves or boots that could have prevented your accident but were not provided to you, you are likely to have grounds for a claim.

How do you start a compensation claim?

making a claim with us at Accident Advice Helpline is simple. Just give us a call to talk through the process with our professional advisors. We take all claims on a no win no fee arrangement, which means you have no upfront fees to pay to start your claim and no legal fees to pay if for some reason your claim is not successful. So you have nothing to lose. Why not call us on 0800 689 5659. Get started today.