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Top 5 dangers of poor health and safety

Health and safety is something we are all aware of to some degree. The health and safety laws were brought in some decades ago to help improve safety in the workplace. Many deaths and injuries have since been prevented because of these laws. It has also become clear that the dangers of poor health and safety are very real for employees working at a business where the standards are low.

What could go wrong?

  1. Poor or no training. Many jobs require a certain level of training to be given before the person can do the job properly and safely. In addition, regular top-up training courses may be needed to ensure safety standards remain high. If this is not the case, there could be an increase in the number of accidents that occur.
  2. Slips, trips and falls. These are among the most familiar accidents to many of us. Poor health and safety standards can increase the odds of any one of these happening to someone at work.
  3. Falls from height. The work at height regulations are there to ensure things like this should never happen. If employers neglect to follow them, it can potentially put lives at risk.
  4. Wrong tools or equipment, or none at all. Sometimes an employer might try to get away with asking an employee to use inappropriate equipment for the job at hand, or no equipment at all. Needless to say, this can be very dangerous in the wrong circumstances.
  5. No risk assessments. Risk assessments are designed to help an employer assess the level of risk posed when doing a particular job or task. If they are not completed prior to the job beginning, it may mean a potential hazard has a chance to cause injury.

What should you do if you have already been hurt?

Accident Advice Helpline knows only too well how the dangers of poor health and safety can translate into very real injuries and upset for those who suffer as a result. If you understand what this feels like, because you’ve been hurt in the last three years, do get in touch now on 0800 689 5659. When you do, you can see whether a compensation claim might be successful for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. A no win no fee claim means you are never at risk.