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The symptoms of criminal injuries

Are you suffering with the symptoms of criminal injuries?

Although any type of injury can cause pain and suffering, criminal injuries can be particularly distressing. If someone has hurt you intentionally or shown no regard for your safety and well-being, it can be fairly traumatic.

If you’ve been hurt whilst someone commits a crime, for example, you could experience shock and trauma, as well as any physical injuries. In fact, some victims of crime find the psychological harm caused by the incident lasts much longer than their physical injuries.

Could you claim compensation?

Generally, if you’ve been hurt because of someone else, you can make a compensation claim against them and this is true for criminal injuries as well. You shouldn’t have to suffer the symptoms of criminal injuries alone and taking legal action may give you a sense of justice being done.

Whilst making a claim won’t help your injuries directly, it may help you whilst you recover and it will ensure that you don’t suffer any financial loss because you’ve been hurt.

Can anyone make a claim for compensation?

Often, people fail to take legal action because they assume that they won’t be eligible to make a claim. Unfortunately, this can result in people missing out on compensation they’re owed because more people are eligible to make a claim than you might realise.

You’ll simply need to show that you were hurt through no fault of your own and that you received medical help after the incident. Whilst many claimants are subject to a strict 3-year time limit, this doesn’t apply in all cases so it could still be worth seeking legal help if you were hurt some time ago.

Don’t forget – it isn’t just adults who can be eligible to obtain compensation for criminal injuries. If a child or teenager has been hurt, you could make a claim on their behalf and they could also obtain compensation for the symptoms of criminal injuries.

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