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The dangers of bouldering

Bouldering is a popular activity that can be undertaken outdoors or indoors on specially created climbing walls. Either way, bouldering involves a certain amount of risk. Here are some of the dangers of bouldering both outdoors and on indoor climbing walls.

Dangers of bouldering outdoors

When bouldering outdoors, climbers face the risk of falls from height due to:

  • Loose holds or holds weakened by freeze-thaw effects
  • Slipping off holds due to rain, snow or even accumulated dust/dirt or vegetation (moss, algae, etc.)

Even if crash mats have been put into place to cushion falls, overbalancing could cause injuries by missing such mats.

Other dangers of bouldering outdoors include people or animals accidentally knocking (or deliberately throwing – squirrels and birds can get quite aggressive when defending their territories) stones, sticks or other objects at you from above. Depending on where you are, there may also be a risk of insects, snakes or other wild animals; avalanches and even earthquakes.

Dangers of bouldering indoors

When bouldering indoors, worn or faulty equipment or lack of adequate instruction could cause bouldering accidents. You could also be injured if your instructor fails to assist you as and when required.

Right to compensation

It is highly likely that you will be climbing with an instructor, especially if you are new to bouldering. This instructor must be qualified, competent and experienced enough to instruct you properly and assist you should the need arise. If you sustained an injury in a bouldering accident because you were not instructed properly or because your instructor failed to assist you, you could qualify for injury compensation.

Similarly, if you were injured at an indoor bouldering venue because of faulty equipment, the owner/operator of the venue could be held liable for your bouldering injuries.

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