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The benefits of a Safety Harness training course

No matter how safely a tower has been erected or with how much care a ladder has been sited, without a safety harness the worker is still in a lot of danger as they will have no second level of safety should something go wrong. When a tower is finally at its fullest height, no one should be allowed to work at any level without appropriate harnessing and choosing the right one is crucial. Some allow the worker to lean back, away from the work, suspended from the front. Others are ‘full body’ with special padded leg harnessing which allows suspension from the job in hand – these are typically used by tree surgeons, but they have other uses as well, if something needs to be fixed in a confined space. There are even special harnesses designed to be used where there will be flames or sparks and these perhaps are the ones which should always be checked before use both for suitability and for old burned areas which may weaken them. Care and storage of harnesses is also covered, because some are used infrequently and could perish is stored wet or tangled.

Checking is essential

Harnesses can easily be damaged and if it is at all possible everyone who needs a safety harness to do their work should be given one to have as their own personal equipment, so they do not have to constantly be adjusted, which can weaken the straps and buckles. If you are forced to use communal harnesses and one fails, you may be able to claim for injury compensation, as there may be a failure of care by an employer if shared harnesses are not recommended for your job.

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