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Steps to prevent a working with tools injury

This article will talk about practical steps to prevent a working with tools injury in the workplace. It will also talk about what you need to do if you have already suffered a tools injury at work.

Practical steps to prevent a working with tools injury in the workplace

It is the legal duty of every employer to take reasonable steps to keep their employees safe at work. This is particularly important in high risk areas such as construction and farming. There are practical steps to prevent a working with tools injury that employers can take.

Steps that you should see in evidence at your workplace include:

  • A health and safety at work policy
  • Risk assessments of hazardous activities including use of tools
  • Safe systems of work for tools and machinery
  • Induction programmes that help new employees to understand how to keep themselves safe in the workplace
  • Training on specific tools and machinery, including activities such as working at height and manual handling
  • Personal protective clothing such as gauntlets, boots and hard hats as appropriate

Your employer is held to account for health and safety at work by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Some accidents at work are reportable incidents and may be subject to investigation by the HSE.

What to do if you have been injured at work

If you have suffered a tool or machinery injury at work, your employer is likely to be held responsible. Have a look at the list of steps above that your employer should have taken. What was it that your employer failed to do that caused your accident? Were you appropriately trained? Did you have the protective equipment that you needed?

If your employer has allowed you to become injured at work, you may be able to claim compensation. If you did not cause your accident, why should you pay the price? The cost of your injury will be financial as well as emotional. Your compensation award can recompense you for the costs of your injury, such as lost wages and childcare, as well as the pain and distress that you have suffered. So go ahead and make your claim.

Taking the first step towards compensation

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