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Do you have a sprained ankle with a lump on the side of the foot?

Do you have a sprained ankle with a lump on the side of the foot? If so, you’ll likely find the lump goes down as the swelling goes down. A sprain involves one or more ligaments – usually on the outside of the ankle – being torn to some extent. This incurs swelling in the area surrounding the injury, which is to be expected. Sometimes, this will present with a lump much like the one we have described above.

So, there should not be any need to worry if you notice a lump on the side of your foot immediately following this injury. Most of the time it will disappear in due course, but it is wise to keep an eye on it.

Which type of sprain do you have?

Sprains are graded with a one, two or three grading to determine how bad they are. A Grade 1 sprain is the mildest type you can have, and as you might guess, a Grade 3 sprain is the most severe you can have. Therefore, the recovery time you might go through will depend on the grading your sprain has been given.

If you reach the end of your recovery period and you still see some swelling and a lump on the side of the foot, then you may wish to seek information and advice from your GP regarding that lump. It may indicate there is still some damage that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, most sprains will heal in good time.

Can you claim for a sprained ankle with a lump on the side of the foot?

You can claim for any sprain that was caused through someone’s negligence. You must prove this was the case, though, and it doesn’t matter whether you had a sprained ankle with a lump on the side of the foot or not. Even a simple sprain that healed well with no ill-effects afterwards can receive financial compensation if proof of negligence can be produced.

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