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Slipping on ice at work – can I claim?

Your employer is legally obliged to keep you safe whilst you are at work, and they must also have indemnity insurance to pay you compensation if you are injured or fall ill due to their failure to protect you adequately. Accidents at work account for a huge amount of lost time every year, and preventing them is obviously easier than dealing with the aftermath. It is essential that your employer completes regular risk assessments and provides all employees with the correct protection against risks, as well as putting procedures in place to minimise the hazards associated with a task.  It is also important that employees follow the correct procedures and use any protective equipment, as well as reporting anything that they feel is unsafe or could be improved.

Your employer’s duty of care also extends to your surroundings and the areas at your place of work that you use but that may not be a part of your day to day job.  If, for example, your workplace has kitchens for the use of employees, or communal rest areas, these must also be safe for you to use. If you have a staff car park and other paved or tarmac external areas, they should be gritted in cold weather to ensure that they are safe for employees to walk on without the danger of slipping on ice.

If you do have a fall on ice at work, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer if they have not taken reasonable care to make the walkways safe. Accident Advice Helpline can put you in touch with one of our professional solicitors who will be able to help you work out whether you have a valid compensation claim.

If you are injured as a result of slipping on ice because your employers have not gritted pathways or car parks, you may be due some compensation in order to pay for any medical costs, or loss of income. Any compensation you do get can include payment to make up for any pain and suffering as well, so if you have been injured on an icy path it is worth finding out if you have a valid claim for compensation, especially if your employer failed to make attempts to deal with the ice.

In order to make your claim easier to deal with, you should collect evidence to back up your version of events.  Take the details of any witnesses who saw what happened so that they can back up your claim, and take photographs if possible, to show the area of ice that you slipped on, and that the pathway was the sensible route for you to take and you had not gone out of your way. If you have suffered pain and loss of income from such a fall you could be entitled to compensation and should make a claim. Accident Advice Helpline can advise you on all aspects of making a claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Call us free on 0800 689 5659 phone.