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Slipping at work

Slipping at work

A slipping at work claim can be brought when a chance event causes an injury due to tripping, slipping or falling, commonly as a consequence of unsafe or possibly risky conditions on some other person’s (or company’s) property.

A slipping at work incident is the most common accident that causes personal injury in the workplace, with nearly 10,000 cases reported every year in the UK. Incidents of tripping, slipping or falling causing injury are frequently due to negligence or a failure of safety regulations on the part of the employer, which may lead to a successful compensation claim. Take our 30-second test™ to see if you can make a claim for compensation.

Slipping at work can be a serious trauma

A fall can come about as a result of many varying factors, and hazards which are contributive to ‘trip and slip’ or ‘trip and fall’ injuries can be either obvious or latent. Evident conditions can include damaged staircases, faulty pedestrian access or failure to clear rubble from work surroundings, while possible conditions can include concealed potholes, rickety or rocking floor sections or a slippy floor that is not obvious.

Typical injuries sustained in trip, slip and fall accidents include sprains, fractures, concussion and other head injuries, as well as cuts, bruises and grazes. Whilst any of these injuries can be minor, there are many occasions where broken limbs and injured backs cause serious and severe long-term illness that puts an end to the victim’s working career, thereby attracting very substantial damages in an accident compensation claim.

Employers’ duty of care to their staff

Employers have a duty of care to their staff to check that the workplace is as risk-free as manageable. If you have sustained personal injury as a result of slipping, tripping or falling due to the dangerous condition of your workplace or on some other property where your presence was required by your employer, you may be able to claim recompense from them or a third party if the incident happened away from your normal place of work.

Not all slips, trips and falls will give rise to a compensation claim, though. If the injury was completely your fault, then no claim can be made. If, however, you simply contributed a part of the blame, then a claim can still be made against the employer (who is also liable for the actions of your co-workers).

Can I make a compensation claim?

If you have a slip or trip injury at work, you can claim for injury. There is a variation between the submission of a claim and a successful compensation award. Filing a claim does not necessarily mean that you will get compensation. There is a process that claims essentially go through ahead of reaching the conclusion.

Employees should look for help with a qualified solicitor who can help them to realise their rights. Call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 and we will take you through the steps you need to make to make a claim for a slipping at work.