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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    The 5 dangers of public playgrounds

    Public playgrounds are generally associated with sunny days of laughter with the young ones. Unarguably playgrounds are an ever-popular, cost efficient way of entertaining the kids, but have you considered the dangers of public playgrounds? Slips, trips and falls are, of course, common playground accidents. Yet, as children run free, are there more severe dangers of public playgrounds to be aware….

    5 little known facts about work accidents

    While we all known that workplace injuries and illnesses are a debilitating reality for many, it is not often that we stop and consider the facts about work accidents. 5 facts about work accidents Accidents at work occur in all professions, across all sectors. From repetitive strain injuries in office work to falls from heights….

    The 5 most common office safety complaints

    When you consider accidents at work, you often think of falls on construction sites, or severe machinery-related incidents. That being said, accidents in office-based roles regularly occur. A knowledge of the common office safety complaints can help minimise this risk of avoidable injury, through educated prevention. What are the common office safety complaints? To think….

    Five most common injuries when visiting the Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef  is the world’s largest coral reef system and is a popular tourist destination located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is a `must visit` when in Australia especially if you like scuba diving. However, travel accidents can and do happen whilst visiting this attraction. Here are the five most common ….

    Five most common injuries when going to the theatre

    Going to the theatre is hardly a pastime anyone would consider to be dangerous. There are, however, some risks of personal injuries even when going for an evening out at the theatre. Common mishaps The most common causes of theatre injuries are slips, trips and falls. Injuries by slipping, tripping or falling at the theatre….

    What to do if you’re injured while bungee jumping

    A firm favourite among travellers and adrenaline junkies, bungee jumping is a popular holiday activity, which is guaranteed to get your pulse racing and provide you with an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning to travel abroad and attempt a bungee jump, here are some top tips to help you prevent travel accidents and some information….

    Five potential Royal Air Force member injury claims

    While members of the Royal Air Force are trained for combat situations, where injuries and even deaths are expected to some extent, they are ultimately employees of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). As such, they should be protected against accidents at work just like employees in any other industry. Five potential injuries for Royal Air….

    Five potential injury claims for Royal Navy personnel

    When you join the Royal Navy it is likely that at some point you may sustain a work injury as part of your job, especially if combat is involved. Here are five potential accident at work injury claims for a Royal Navy member. Equipment malfunctioning causing a work injury: When the Royal Navy is at sea….

    The top 5 most common ‘cold injuries’ for military personnel

    Military personnel are required to work in some of the toughest environments imaginable. This means that they are frequently put at risk of suffering an injury in the workplace. One of the less discussed, but no less serious, personal injuries at work that military personnel can suffer are the severe effects of cold weather. The….

    Five things that can cause injury on a construction site

    Construction sites are dangerous places, especially if you are on them most of the time as an employee. There are so many potential accident claims waiting to happen, which is why they have so many health and safety regulations to help prevent this. Unfortunately slips, trips and falls do still happen on construction sites; here are….

    Five things in the office that could fall on an employee

    You may not think that an office could pose many accident risks when it comes to slips, trips or falls, but there are several potential fall hazards. Here are five things in the office that could fall on an employee: Uneven carpet or flooring – potential fall risk If an office isn’t maintained properly and is….

    Five things that can cause accidents in the office

    An office is full of potential trip hazards which could cause a nasty fall injury. Here are 5 items which could cause accidents in the office: Office chairs causing fall hazard This one is probably one of the more obvious ones, but if a chair is left in the middle of an office it can be….

    Five potential injury claims for a British Army member

    Being a British Army member is always going to be a dangerous career – everyone knows that. But for those who work in the services being a soldier is an everyday job with the potential for accidents in the workplace just like any other. Whether it’s on exercises or around the barrack,s work accidents happen….

    Five things which can cause a supermarket warehouse injury

    Supermarket warehouses can pose many potential slip, trip or fall hazards. The environment is not a place for the public which means that sometimes companies will overlook potential fall hazards as they are more focused on the supermarkets. Here are 5 things which can cause a supermarket warehouse injury: Ladders – a trip accident waiting….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents at a sports stadium

    Unlike the work place we tend to visit sports stadiums for fun and relaxation. But that doesn’t mean that they are free from risk and danger when it comes to potential accidents. But for people who work at sports stadiums the threat of accidents at work is probably greater than for those who work in….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents on a construction site

    Construction work is among some of the most dangerous occupations in the UK. Accidents on a construction site involving slipping or tripping; falls from height and injuries by falling objects; electrocutions; injuries by explosions and more are sadly relatively common. Sometimes, however, circumstances are a little more unusual. Death in India A construction worker in….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents in a school

    Teachers and school children alike are typically more likely to suffer injuries by slips, trips and falls than by any other incident. In some cases, however, unusual circumstances can lead to more or less serious accidental injuries. Pencil stabbing Kids, and in particular younger ones, occasionally fight over pencils. You know the drill: ‘Mine’, followed….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents in a supermarket

    Accidents in a supermarket may not always be due to slips, trips and falls. Sometimes, events leading to accidental injuries while shopping can be almost too strange to be true. Mobility Scooters It appears that mobility scooters can represent a serious risk of personal injuries in supermarkets. In 2005, for instance, a lady stacking shelves….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents in a university

    Accidents in a university are typically related to slips, trips and falls, but there are many more dangers lurking in these educational institutions than usually meets the eye. Viral infection Many universities have medical research laboratories. Students or teaching staff could become exposed to potentially lethal biological substances, viruses, and so on. This may seem….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents at the beauty salon

    Beauty treatments are supposed to make you look and feel better. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and accidents at the beauty salon can happen. Slips, trips and falls are the least of your worries if things are not all they should be at the beauty salon. Often quite painful, the injuries resulting from poor training….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents at the gym

    Some gym accidents are strange, but true. Here are some accidents at the gym that really should not be possible. Treadmill incidents Most treadmills are fitted with auto-stops that cut out if the user loses his or her footing. In some cases, however, this does not happen (usually because users are not wearing the required….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents in a garage

    Garage mechanics are exposed to a variety of accident risks, including some that may seem a little far-fetched, but possible. The following examples are imaginary, but similar accidents at work in garages have been known to happen. Falling cars Raising cars on platforms, lifts or ramps is a necessity that is carried out in garages….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents at a leisure centre

    When thinking about accidents at a leisure centre, most people imagine slips, trips and falls, maybe incidents involving faulty equipment, or some daredevil or another falling from height while climbing. In spite of these being among the most commonly reported accidents in leisure centres, visitors can sometimes be injured in the most unusual ways. Scalped….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents at a swimming pool

    Accidents at a swimming pool often simply consist of slips, trips and falls on wet pool surroundings. There are, however, some dangers below the surface of the water that can have far more serious, even fatal, outcomes. Intake pipes The intake pipes of current pools, for example, have enough power to suck a person in….

    Working from home? Top 5 potential accident claims around the house

    Working from home is a great way to balance your professional needs around your home life.  Turning your study or living room into your office can seem like a more relaxing way to get the job done. However, it is important to be aware that no working environment is 100 per cent risk free, and….

    The employment league table: Which dangerous industries reside at the top?

    At Accident Advice Helpline, accidents at work are one of the most common forms of injury that are reported to us. An accident in your workplace can be extremely dangerous and unfortunately are indiscriminate to whom they befall and when they occur. Work-related injuries are common right across the employment spectrum, from mime artists to….

    Five workplace injuries you might not have heard of

    Accidents at work can happen anywhere, and the resulting workplace injuries can vary significantly. While some types of injuries are fairly common, others are heard of far less frequently. Here are some of them. Infectious Diseases Hospital and laboratory employees run a risk of accidental contact with or exposure to biological material, pathogens and other….

    Five example injuries people can sustain from faulty goods

    Faulty goods can be responsible for an array of more or less severe personal injuries. Here are a few examples of common accidental injuries caused by defective goods. Faulty washing machine Flooding by defective washing machines is often the cause of injuries by slipping. Such injuries may range from bruises or cuts to broken limbs….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible potential accidents in an office

    Many people think of an office job as being a safe and sometimes quite dull way of earning a living as unlike outdoor vocations you are not exposed to those situations that can often cause work accidents. But it’s often the case that an office environment can actually be just as dangerous as any other,….

    Five accidents a ‘mystery shopper’ might experience

    Employing the use of a mystery shopper can have a number of benefits for both a company and its customers.  Through the use of regular, anonymous checks, companies and the public alike can rest safe in the knowledge that rigorous standards are adhered to.  However, engaging in this line of work can mean that a….

    Top five potential accident claims for a coffee shop worker

    Accidents at work occur across all sectors. However, in some industries you may be surprised to hear the extent of the occupational injuries that can be sustained. This is true of the barista profession. While you may expect slips, trips and falls behind the counter or scalds and burns from spilled drinks, there are a number….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a coffee shop worker

    Accidents at work occur across all sectors, however, in some industries you may surprised to hear the extent of the occupational injuries that can be sustained. This is true of the barista profession. While you may expect slips, trips and falls behind the counter, or scalds and burns from spilt hot drinks, there are a….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a sports match day steward

    Taking into account the role of a sports match day steward, accidents at work will always be a factor you have to consider. Being involved in an incident at work which causes injury not only leaves you in physical pain but can also impact on your confidence in the job role, going forward. If you….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a petrol station worker

    No matter the sector you work in, you are always at risk of experiencing accidents at work. Working in a petrol station may seem like a risk-free job role, however, you would be wise to remember that you are working with gases, oils, and in close proximity to a constant stream of cars. These elements….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a band roadie

    Accidents at work are often specific to the job role you undertake, however, no role is ever completely free of the risk of work-related accidents. This is particularly true for a band roadie, who deals with specialist equipment and undertakes many laborious roles each day.  From rigging up wiring and lighting to carrying equipment and….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a personal trainer

    Accidents at work are a common occurrence regardless of what career sector you choose to enter. When you experience an accident at work, it can cause physical and emotional pain and at times, the fault lies not with yourself, but your employer. According to the Health and Safety Executive, an estimated 646,000 workers had an….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a pizza delivery person

    While you often picture accidents at work to include office-related slips and trips or manual handling injuries, it is important to remember that all job roles come with health and safety risks. No position is completely free from the risk of an occupational injury, including the role of pizza delivery person. Taking to the roads,….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a private nanny

    Working as a private nanny can be an extremely satisfying and rewarding job. Being involved in the daily lives of young children and watching them grow and develop is nothing short of the dream job for many individuals with a predominant nurturing side. That being said, life as a nanny isn’t risk free. Although working….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a lumberjack

    ContentsCommon work-related lumberjack injuriesWho is to blame for your accident at work?Pursing your claim: Accident Advice HelplineDue to the nature of the role, working as a lumberjack can lead to many different accidents at work. Even the most skilled of lumberjacks, with years of experience and training, cannot be guaranteed full safety when carrying out….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a London cabbie

    When working as a London cabbie, or indeed a taxi driver in any other area of the UK, you will inevitably be spending a lot of time on the roads. Consequently, this leads to an increased risk of you experiencing a road traffic accident. No matter how experienced you are in your area, how carefully….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for hairdressers

    Accidents at work occur in every industry, and hairdressing is certainly no exception. Working with water, electrics, heat and chemicals can lead to a variation of sector-related injuries. Despite it seeming a relatively safe profession, hairdressers are also at risk of personal injury when they complete everyday working tasks. For hairdressers, work-related accidents range from….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a checkout worker

    Having worked in all areas of personal injury compensation for many years, we at Accident Advice Helpline have gained a unique and expert insight into all types of accidents at work. In this article, we take a look at five potential accident claims for a check worker. RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a plasterer

    When it comes to suffering an accident in the workplace, the potential severity of the consequences can depend on your work environment. Offices, for example, should possess far fewer potential hazards to health than a construction site. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive back up this school of thought. As an industry, construction accounts….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a home delivery worker

    Home delivery workers often work all hours making sure our parcels get to the right address. However, being a home delivery worker like all jobs comes with its potential hazards including slips, trips or falls. Here are 5 potential accident claims for a home delivery worker. Slips, trips or falls in the warehouse Before leaving….

    Top 5 potential accident claims for a waiter or waitress

    Contents1. Slips, trips and falls – are they really that common?2. Scalds and burns – watch out for hot objects3. Cuts, grazes and lacerations4. Manual handling injuries5. Skin conditionsPreventing accidents in the hospitality industryFind out more about accident claims for a waiter or waitressWorking as a waiter or waitress in the hospitality industry can be….

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