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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Why are shoulder injuries so common in surfing?

    Paddling during surfing strengthens the large muscles near the shoulder, but upward force can be placed on the arm bone and send it upwards to the bones above. This mean muscle impingement can be a big problem for surfers. Paddling can lead to the muscles that apply the upward force being strong and the rotator….

    The dangers of hiking during sunrise

    Hiking during sunrise can be an incredibly rewarding experience but it can also be dangerous because of the lack of visibility available. The activity can become even more hazardous when conditions are bad, such as after rain or snow have fallen. Hiking at any time of day can be risky if you don’t prepare effectively…..

    The most bizarre sports injuries

    The history of sport is littered with interesting stories about bizarre sports injuries. Unplanned accidents in sports can cause all sorts of injuries, some of which can have serious consequences. The most bizarre sports injuries Bizarre sports injuries can range from falling down the stairs all the way to athletes cutting themselves whilst cooking. As….

    The need to safety check all triathlon equipment before participating in a race

    It’s vital to safety check all triathlon equipment before races commence so injuries and accidents can be avoided. In fact, there are many steps triathletes can take to avoid things going awry during a race. If your triathlon is to be a success, you need to go into your race without niggles – if you….

    Top 3 rally driving injuries

    Rally driving injuries are an inevitable consequence of one of the most thrilling, hair-raising sports around. As car crashes go, rally driving accidents tend to be some of the most spectacular. What is the most common rally driving injuries? Given the nature of rally driving, it’s no surprise that the threat of injuries is never….

    Types of injuries when playing water polo

    Playing water polo is one of the most physically strenuous and demanding tasks going. As sports go, water polo is right up there in terms of the strain it puts on your body. Without proper safety precautions and care, sports accidents and injuries are never far away when playing water polo. What are the most….

    How to protect yourself from rolling your ankle whilst playing basketball

    Basketball is a frantic game, which involves moving the ball quickly, working as a team and ultimately, slam-dunking the ball into the net. This is a sport, which is played at a frenetic pace, and as such, injuries are fairly common. One of the most common risks is rolling your ankle whilst playing basketball. How….

    The dangers of playing dodgeball in a playground

    Fast, furious and involving players throwing several rubber, foam or cloth balls at each other, dodgeball inherently carries a risk of accidental injuries. Playing dodgeball in a playground further adds to these risks. Inherent risks of dodgeball Some of the most common injuries associated with dodgeball include: Whiplash, or neck strain, caused by balls striking….

    Potential injuries when longboarding

    The potential injuries when longboarding range from the minor and innocuous to the serious and life-altering. In the worst circumstances, they can even be tragic. Like most extreme sports, the risk of sports accidents and injuries when longboarding is considerably higher than with other sports. What are the main potential injuries when longboarding? Bumps and….

    Dangers of playing indoor cricket

    Played on rectangular courts enclosed in strong, tight netting indoor cricket carries similar risks to those of regular cricket. Here are some of the risks of playing indoor cricket. Dangers of playing indoor cricket Indoor cricket is played on fitted carpets similar to artificial outdoor pitches. In addition to the risk of injuries by slipping….

    Top 3 injuries when vaulting

    Participating in sport can offer so many benefits for your body and mind, but there’s no getting away from the fact that many activities are dangerous. Whether you’re playing a team sport, you engage in fighting sports or you’re a skilled gymnast, jockey or tennis player, there’s always a risk of injury. If you’ve been….

    The importance of covering piercings whilst playing sports

    Covering piercings whilst playing sports is essential for preventing painful sporting accidents and injuries. The vast majority of sports have enough potential dangers to safety without taking additional unnecessary risks. What are the dangers of not covering piercings whilst playing sports? Picture the scene. In a crowded rugby scrum or maul, hands are grappling and….

    Potential accidents in artistic gymnastics

    The very nature of artistic gymnastics exposes gymnasts to the risk of sustaining injuries both during training and at competitions. Here are some of the potential accidents in artistic gymnastics. Potential accidents in artistic gymnastics Gymnasts use their upper bodies as weight-bearing joints. Due to this, accidents in artistic gymnastics often include injuries to wrist,….

    How to stay safe on a rugby tour

    Going on a rugby tour exposes players to a significant risk of rugby injuries. The inherent risks of this contact sport are increased by fatigue due to many matches being played in quick succession and varying pitch conditions. Here’s how to stay safe on a rugby tour. How to stay safe on a rugby tour….

    Can you claim if you get seriously injured whilst paintballing?

    Paintballing has grown in popularity massively since the 1980s and can be an incredible source of fun for friendship groups, workforces bonding on away days and more. However, it can also be very dangerous. If you have had an accident whilst paintballing and it was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, there’s a very….

    Top 3 water skiing injuries

    Typically occurring at high speed, water skiing injuries are sadly almost always traumatic. Here are some of the most common injuries caused by high-speed water skiing accidents. Common water skiing injuries Most water skiing injuries are caused by collisions with: Water Boats or other skiers Sandbars, rocks or other submerged obstacles The most common water….

    Can you claim if you’re injured due to faulty abseiling equipment?

    If you have a head for heights or you’re always looking to take on a new challenge and put your body and mind to the test, abseiling may be the sport for you. Abseiling can be exhilarating, but it can also be very dangerous. If you’ve been involved in an abseiling accident or you’ve sustained….

    How to stay safe on a football tour

    If you’re preparing to hit the roads and show off your fancy footwork this summer, it’s beneficial to be aware of some simple tips that will help you stay safe on a football tour. When you’re away with your team, the last thing you want is to miss out on the drama on the pitch….

    Top 3 accidents when rowing in multi-person boats

    Just like rowing on your own, rowing in multi-person boats exposes you to several potential risks. Here are some of the most common risks you may have to face. Top 3 accidents when rowing in multi-person boats The most common accidents when rowing in multi-person boats are: Injuries by slips, trips and falls Injuries by….

    Does heading a football cause brain injury?

    Heading a football is part and parcel of the game. Whether it’s defending, flicking it on or going for goal, players in all outfield positions regularly use their head. This has always been the case. However, recently there has been increasing chatter around the dangers of heading a football. It can, some say, lead to….

    Common table tennis injuries

    Table tennis injuries can be surprisingly serious for a game that looks so gentle. However, dig a little deeper and it’s easy to see why table tennis players go to great lengths to avoid injury. How are table tennis injuries caused? The frenetic pace of table tennis is the number one cause of table tennis….

    Top 3 injuries when participating in yoga

    Participating in yoga can be enormously beneficial for your health. Yoga is a sport which allows all individual to participate, even professional athletes take part in yoga as an element to their fitness routine. Having said that, as with all sports, yoga carries with it the risk of sporting injury. While it’s ostensibly used to increase….

    Top 3 abseiling accidents

    ContentsCommon abseiling accidentsRight to claimAccident Advice HelplineWhat to expectCall usAbseiling is one of the most dangerous sports to participate in. Injuries sustained in abseiling accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to broken limbs, neck, head and back injuries. Here are some of the most common accidents that can happen while abseiling. Common abseiling….

    Why being a hockey goalkeeper is the most dangerous position

    Picture the scene. You’re stood in a goal with people bearing down on you at speed armed with sticks. They have the power to hit balls directly at you at a rapid pace. What do you do? Do you stand resolute ready to save the day or do you duck out of the way at….

    Should you play sport on wet, artificial grass?

    Artificial grass surfaces enable us to play a range of sports all year round. If you’re an active person, you’re probably aware that most sporting activities carry a risk of injury. However, adverse weather conditions can make even the safest pursuits more hazardous. If you play sport on wet, artificial grass, for example, you may….

    Top 3 injuries when indoor skydiving

    Indoor skydiving has grown in popularity significantly over recent years, but there are various risks attached to the activity. Many people have had to seek counselling after indoor skydiving sessions that went wrong, and long NHS waiting lists can mean having no option but to pay vast sums of money to go private. At Accident….

    Top 3 skipping injuries

    ContentsHow can you be hurt whilst jumping rope?Contact Accident Advice HelplineNeed to find out more about skipping injuries? There are many benefits attached to jumping rope or skipping, but the activity can also cause injuries. However, virtually all sporting activities do have risks attached, so it’s important not to let the risk of injury put….

    Top 3 injuries when participating in long jump

    ContentsDo you need to take action?Getting in touch if you have suffered injuries when participating in long jumpDo you know what the main injuries sustained by people participating in long jump are? Muscle or tendon strain is a common injury suffered by those participating in long jump. Muscle strains occur when muscles are torn or….

    Dangers of bodyboarding in Cornwall

    Bodyboarding in Cornwall has long been a staple on the list of Great British holidays. The beaches in Cornwall rival the coastlines of anywhere in the world. The only drawback, as ever, is the weather. When the sun is shining, few holidays beat bodyboarding in Cornwall. Having said that, the threat of accidents on holiday….

    Top injuries when playing wheelchair basketball

    Do you need to make a claim after being injured playing wheelchair basketball? If so, contact Accident Advice Helpline today. We have a great track record when it comes to getting compensation for wheelchair athletes who have come to harm due to no fault of their own. As with any sport, playing wheelchair basketball comes….

    Top injuries when playing wheelchair rugby

    Playing wheelchair rugby can be incredible fun, but it can also be very dangerous. Wheelchair rugby was actually known as “murderball” for several years because of its aggressive nature, so it’s no wonder that accidents occur. The sport is known for its fast-paced brutality and is often seen as a fusion of Formula One, rugby,….

    Top 3 roller skating injuries

    Roller skating injuries can be extremely painful. They can ruin what should be a fun, enjoyable experience. Roller skating is an increasingly popular pastime in the United Kingdom. Whether it’s the intensely competitive roller derbies or just for fun, millions of us enjoy getting our skates on. What are the top 3 roller skating injuries?….

    Top injuries when playing frisbee

    Injuries when playing frisbee can be surprisingly serious and significantly painful. When it comes to sporting accidents and injuries, frisbee doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Instead, we tend to think of famous contact sports, such as rugby and football. Given the nature of these games, sports injuries are commonplace. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t….

    The dangers of surfing alone

    If you’re counting down the days to a summer holiday, you may be looking forward to soaking up the sunshine, spending time at the beach and testing your skills in the water. Many of us like to hit the waves and give water sports a go while we’re on holiday. Sports like surfing are great….

    Can you claim if you are injured when watching rally car racing?

    If you were injured when watching rally car racing, you may be able to make a compensation claim. You can claim for compensation if: You sustained your injury during the last 36 months Your accidental injuries were caused by someone else Let’s look at what you could potentially claim for. What your claim may cover….

    Dangers of swimming in open lakes

    Many of us choose to make the most of nature and swim in open lakes during the warmer months, but this can be a very dangerous activity. The vast majority of drownings take place at open water sites, with many of them being linked to poor understanding of open water safety. Experienced swimmers with a….

    The dangers of getting hit with a lacrosse stick

    Lacrosse has grown in popularity significantly over recent years. However, it can be very dangerous. It is regularly referred to as “America’s first sport” and fuses elements of various sports like football, basketball and hockey. Those who play lacrosse on a regular basis as part of a team need to prepare for seasons appropriately with….

    Should you be allowed to play dodgeball in P.E.?

    In years gone by, dodgeball in P.E. was one of the staples of any school curriculum. It was fun, energetic, beneficial for hand-eye coordination and contained enough risk to make it exciting. However, if certain stories and areas of the press are to be believed, dodgeball is on the way out. Or rather, it has….

    Top 5 injuries in lacrosse

    Are you wondering what the main injuries in lacrosse are? Then read on. At Accident Advice Helpline, we have vast experience when it comes to helping people claim for lacrosse-related injuries that weren’t their fault. Let’s take a look at five of the main injuries sustained by people who play lacrosse right now. Ankle and….

    Should judo participants wear more protective equipment?

    Have you been wondering, “should judo participants wear more protective equipment?”. In judo, even if you sustain the smallest of injuries, you may be put out of action for a considerable period of time. Many judo participants have found themselves watching from the sidelines after merely hurting their little fingers. Things you can do to….

    The top three go-karting injuries

    Have you sustained go-karting injuries? Go-karting is an incredibly popular activity that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. The UK is home to a number of world-class go-karting facilities and many people head out to these venues to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, work parties and more. Thankfully, the people in charge of go-karting facilities today are….

    Top 3 table tennis accidents

    While table tennis is a comparatively safe sport, table tennis accidents can and will happen occasionally. Here are the three most common table tennis-related accidents. Top 3 table tennis accidents Common table tennis accidents include: Muscle strains due to lack of warming-up. Common areas affected by such strains include shoulders, wrists and backs. Injuries to….

    Top 3 injuries in dodgeball

    ContentsInjuries in dodgeballConsequences of dodgeball-related accidentsCauses of dodgeball injuriesRight to claimCall usDodgeball is a fast and furious sport in which two teams throw several cloth, rubber or foam balls at each other. The objective is to eliminate as many members of the opposing team as possible by hitting them with a ball. The very nature….

    The dangers of bouldering

    Bouldering is a popular activity that can be undertaken outdoors or indoors on specially created climbing walls. Either way, bouldering involves a certain amount of risk. Here are some of the dangers of bouldering both outdoors and on indoor climbing walls. Dangers of bouldering outdoors When bouldering outdoors, climbers face the risk of falls from….

    Dangers of playing rounders in P.E.

    Rounders is a popular game played in P.E. lessons and just for fun everywhere. Playing rounders in P.E. or anywhere else can, however, be dangerous. Here are some of the risks. Dangers of playing rounders in P.E. Involving high-speed running and heavy, virtually solid balls travelling at great speeds, playing rounders in P.E. can lead….

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