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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    The most bizarre sports injuries

    The history of sport is littered with interesting stories about bizarre sports injuries. Unplanned accidents in sports can cause all sorts of injuries, some of which can have serious consequences. The most bizarre sports injuries Bizarre sports injuries can range from falling down the stairs all the way to athletes cutting themselves whilst cooking. As….

    Top 3 injuries caused by juggling

    Juggling may not be what you would call a dangerous activity, but every now and then, juggling accidents do happen. Here are some of the most common injuries caused by juggling. Top 3 injuries caused by juggling Typically due to juggled items falling onto the upper body, face, head or toes, common injuries caused by….

    Can you get electrocuted if you hold an electrical device in lightning?

    Despite the fact that many people understand it, lightning is an enigma. Because of its beauty, people are often bewildered by it. Although it’s subject to much debate, the belief that Benjamin Franklin first discovered electricity during a lightning storm using a kite and key has led many to believe some weird and wonderful things…..

    The most outrageous claims made for public injuries

    Accidents can happen under all sorts of different circumstances, but some claims made for public injuries are more strange and outrageous than others. Here are some of the most outrageous claims made for public injuries over recent years. Claims made for public injuries caused by animals One man claimed for a broken arm after having a cycling accident that he claimed….

    Most bizarre incidents involving a train

    Not all incidents involving a train are the usual derailment stories or slips, trips and falls on the platform edge. Sometimes, victims of incidents involving a train suffer some extraordinarily bizarre events, leading to myriad severe train-related injuries and even death. Extreme incidents involving a train Just how bizarre are these incidents involving a train? We….

    Most bizarre accidents on the bus

    Accidents on the road can be caused by the strangest events, as the following bizarre accidents on the bus clearly demonstrate. August 2015, Pune, India Four passengers were injured in a bus accident caused by the bus somewhat unexpectedly losing its rear axle in Pune, India, according to September 2015, Goshen, Indiana, USA Her….

    The most bizarre injuries from the gym

    If you’’re planning on working out, the last thing you want is to obtain bizarre injuries from the gym. In most cases, you can enjoy a workout or an exercise class without any problem. However, there is a risk of accidents at the gym, such as slips, trips and falls. If you’’re eager to avoid bizarre injuries from….

    The most bizarre claims from overseas trips

    Holidaymakers occasionally try to orchestrate the the most bizarre claims for compensation. According to a Wanderlust article, for example, one man claimed the fact that a maid walked in on him and his wife making love and, before leaving, giggling at his ‘size’ left him unable to perform sexually. Others bizarre claims have included: Their guide was ugly, making it impossible….

    What obligations do theme park owners have to protect visitors?

    With all the flashing lights, adrenalin-pumping rides and fun activities, theme parks provide an incredible setting for enjoyable days out with friends and family. If you’re planning a fun-packed trip to the theme park, the last thing you want is to end up nursing injuries sustained from slips, trips or falls or an accident on….

    What are the most unsafe heaters to use in the household?

    The temperatures are falling and many of us are relying on heating to keep us warm at work and when we get home. If you’ve been involved in accidents at work or you’ve been injured by a heater at home, it may be possible to claim work injury compensation or defective product compensation so give Accident….

    How to tell if a path is covered in black ice

    One of the greatest hazards pedestrians, cyclists and motorists face in winter is black ice. The reason black ice (which in reality is actually a clear layer of very thin ice that has frozen without forming bubbles or any other visible imperfections) is so dangerous is the fact that it is almost impossible to see…..

    What are the most bizarre work site accidents?

    Accidents at work happen all the time. Whether you work in an office, on a building site or anywhere else work accidents do occur. Some accidents at work are the standard, common injuries such as slips, trips or falls or damaging your back. However, there are also some strange accidents at work. Here are some….

    What are the most bizarre supermarket accidents?

    Accident Advice Helpline has been dealing with personal injury claims for over 15 years now. In that time we’ve helped many people get the compensation they deserve, from slips, trips & falls to road traffic accidents. Any accident can be a traumatic and scarring experience and it is important to note that all claims are….

    The most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen

    ContentsBizarre accidents in the kitchenCommercial kitchensWhen cooking goes wrongFreak accidents can happen anywhere, but kitchens certainly seem to have their fair share of strange incidents. Bizarre accidents in the kitchen A compilation of the most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen must surely include the following: A Scottish mother slipped in her kitchen and….

    Five of the most bizarre accidents in an office

    Whilst having any accident is an extremely serious matter, over the many years that we’ve been dealing with all areas of personal injury compensation, we have been confronted with accidents that have been deeply upsetting but nonetheless occurred in what can only be described as bizarre circumstances. Here are five of the most bizarre accidents in….

    What are the most outrageous compensation claims?

    Sometimes the circumstances of an accident require a certain suspension of belief. Here we have compiled a list of some of the more unusual and outrageous compensation claims. The hot coffee case Lieback v McDonalds Restaurants is perhaps the ubiquitous example of outrageous compensation claims. Also known as the McDonald’s coffee case, the facts of….

    What are the most outrageous Tinder date accidents

    With millions of users all over the globe, Tinder has taken the world by storm. This innovative dating app has changed the face of online dating, enabling people to meet local people by viewing their profile on social media and either swiping left or right. A swipe right means you’re interested, while a swipe left….

    Case study: Most ridiculous claims ever

    Compensation is designed to provide people who have genuinely suffered through no fault of their own with a financial payout. People often say that we live in a compensation culture, but not all claims are upheld, and ridiculous claims are generally thrown out at the first opportunity. Legal firms, such as Accident Advice Helpline, strive….

    Survivor guide: Black Friday sales

    Most of us would admit to loving a bargain and the Black Friday sales has become something of a phenomenon. Arriving in the UK from America, last year’s scenes of crowds gathering to grab cut-price products at department stores and supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas made the national news and the front pages of all….

    What are the most bizarre office compensation claims?

    While a great deal of office accidents involve slips, trips and falls; the occasional injury by electrocution and basic manual handling accidents, some claims for compensation are based on somewhat stranger, almost unbelievable incidents. Examples of bizarre office compensation claims Some of the most bizarre office compensation claims reported around the world over the past….

    What are the most bizarre compensation claims?

    Health and safety guidelines are there for a reason; they are there to keep the general public safe from accidents and to help prevent accidents from occurring. We have seen many times when health and safety has become a bit too extreme in order to prevent bizarre compensation claims from happening. These range from preventing….

    What diseases can I catch from monkeys?

    If you’re planning to travel to far-flung destinations this year, monkey bites are probably the last thing on your mind, but it’s worth bearing in mind that these cuddly creatures can sometimes be dangerous, especially in their natural habitat. If you’re travelling to India, Southeast Asia or Africa, you may get up close and personal….

    Is it safe to leave a pedestal fan on during summer nights?

    There is a Korean urban legend known as “fan death” which is a belief that leaving a fan running at night in a closed room will cause death. There are no reported incidents of this actually happening but are there some dangers involved in sleeping with a fan on at night? If you have suffered….

    Is exercise protein a danger to my health?

    Containing amino acids, exercise protein can be an important element of getting fit, as it is a key to the building and maintenance of muscle and other body tissue. Available legally online and over-the-counter in the shape of bars, capsules and shakes to be taken with or between meals, protein powders are marketed as having….

    The dangers of parkour

    ContentsWhat is parkour?The risk of injuryAvoiding parkour injuriesIs parkour more dangerous than other sports?Claiming compensation for parkour injuriesHow much compensation could you get?Why choose Accident Advice Helpline?Parkour, considered by many to be an extreme sport, is a discipline which originated in France in the 1980s. Once called ‘Art du Deplacement’, it later became known as….

    Five most common injuries when going to the theatre

    Going to the theatre is hardly a pastime anyone would consider to be dangerous. There are, however, some risks of personal injuries even when going for an evening out at the theatre. Common mishaps The most common causes of theatre injuries are slips, trips and falls. Injuries by slipping, tripping or falling at the theatre….

    Five far-fetched but possible train station accidents

    According to Network Rail, three million people in the UK use the train on any given day. Many people commute by train, while others use train services to get around the country, see the sights and visit friends and relatives. While train station accidents are fairly uncommon, your local train station may be harbouring some….

    Five far-fetched but possible airport accidents

    There’s always a sense of excitement around an airport, as for most of us it’s where we begin our summer holidays or a trip away with friends and family. However, it’s worth remembering that due to the fact that so many people are coming and going, even at some of the smaller airports, there is always….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible, accidents at a petrol station

    Thousands of people visit petrol stations every day in the UK to top up their fuel, grab a lottery ticket or stock up on last-minute essentials and while most escape unscathed, the garage can be a hazardous place, especially if you’re prone to slips, trips and falls. Here are 5 potential accidents, which may happen….

    Five far-fetched but possible local restaurant accidents

    It is more common than you might think to suffer from an accident or personal injury in your local restaurant. Here are five far-fetched yet possible local restaurant accidents you might come across at your favourite place to eat. Five potential local restaurant accidents Slips, trips and falls: Restaurants are often noisy venues and usually crowded….

    Five far-fetched but possible DIY store accidents

    DIY stores are like an Aladdin’s cave for those of us who are looking to redecorate or redesign their homes. From a new coat of paint for the living room, to those book shelves you’ve been meaning to put up in the bedroom, they have all the gadgets and gizmos need to turn a house into….

    Five far-fetched but possible dog walking accidents

    One of the activities you would not typically associate with injury is dog walking. But, like most activities there is a risk of experiencing dog walking accidents when you are parading with your pooch. Here are 5 possible yet far-fetched potential dog walking accidents. Five potential dog walking accidents Fall injury: If the dog you are walking is strong….

    Five ways headbanging can cause whiplash

    ContentsHow headbanging causes whiplash injuryHeadbanging vs accidentsReports that headbanging can cause whiplash injuries are by no means exaggerated. According to a variety of studies, whiplash is, in fact, just one of many potentially severe, even fatal, injuries to the neck and head that headbanging can cause. How headbanging causes whiplash injury Here are a few reasons that….

    Five far-fetched but possible fast food accidents

    At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve helped many people make a claim for compensation who’ve been injured in extraordinary circumstances. Some people may feel in some way embarrassed or afraid about coming forward with a genuine claim for compensation for an injury they sustained through no fault of their own. At Accident Advice Helpline we pride….

    Five far-fetched but possible nightclub accidents

    At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve helped many people who’ve suffered an injury in circumstances that are perhaps best described as slightly unusual. We are, however, a leading UK law firm and, when to comes to all areas of personal injury compensation, and we understand that sometimes accidents can bizarre accidents do happen that might seem completely….

    Five far-fetched but possible cruise ship accidents

    Occasionally, things aboard cruise ships can go wrong and dream holidays turn sour. More often than not, personal injuries aboard cruise ships are the result of slips, trips and falls. Passengers have also been known to be injured by fires, explosions or falling overboard, but these are not the only cruise ship accidents possible. Five….

    Megadeth guitarist suffers stenosis via headbanging

    Rocking the stage in front of audiences of thousands of people may seem like the ultimate job, but being a rock star has its hazards. As with every job, playing on stage on a regular basis carries a risk of accidents at work and Megadeth guitarist, Dave Mustaine, knows the dangers of the industry all too….

    Slayer bassist incurs whiplash-induced spinal problems

    The bassist from Slayer, Tom Araya, sustained spinal injuries induced by whiplash, but not in the way you imagine them to be sustained. Normally whiplash is sustained from a car crash or road traffic accident, however, this case was somewhat more unique than a simple driver injury. How did the bassist sustain whiplash if not from….

    Moloko singer incurs whiplash-induced eye injury

    Irish Moloko vocalist, Róisín Murphy, sustained severe damage to her eye socket while on stage during a tour of Russia in 2007. She apparently cracked her head on a chair while headbanging, causing the eye injury in the process. After receiving emergency treatment at a Russian hospital, she was flown to the UK to undergo surgery…..

    Five far-fetched but possible cinema accidents

    Movie-goers rarely experience cinema accidents that go beyond slips, trips and falls. There may just be other dangers lurking in the darkness. Potential cinema accidents 3D Movies: It appears that 3D films have the potential to leave watchers disoriented due to their vision requiring time to re-adjust to normal vision. Some viewers reported discomfort, pain in the….

    Five far-fetched but possible bowling accidents

    You’re limbering up to hit a strike, preparing to impress your friends and looking forward to celebrating like a champion when all the pins hit the floor, but what happens when a trip to the bowling alley ends in disaster? From slips, trips and falls to burns, here are five far-fetched, but entirely possible bowling….

    Most bizarre health and safety cases: Restaurant removes customer toothpicks

    Every now and then, companies or organisations use health and safety as an excuse for not doing or providing something they should perhaps do or provide, rather than really fearing accidental injuries. Case 121 of the Health & Safety Executive’s ‘Mythbuster’ panel is an example of such an occasion. HSE Case 121 In this case,….

    Most bizarre health & safety cases: Health Trust removes metal paper fasteners

    In 2012, a press report claiming that a health trust had withdrawn metal paper fasteners hit newspaper headlines across the UK. It appears the decision to withdraw the fasteners was made after an employee suffered an injury to a finger. Health & Safety Executive (HSE) A worried person or organisation subsequently contacted the Health &….

    Most bizarre health and safety cases: Turkey skin deemed a choking hazard

    There are some people who would say that the world of health and safety has gone mad and with bizarre stories becoming the attention of intense media focus, it’s easy to understand why some think that safety measures have gone too far. However, there is a serious message behind the media spotlight and it is….

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