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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    How to treat a bleeding nose

    Are you looking for information on how to treat a bleeding nose? If so, read on. Nosebleeds can be very messy and inconvenient, but by following these steps you can hopefully bring your experience to an end. If you ever do have a nosebleed or need to look after someone who is experiencing one, make….

    How to safely break a car window from within in case of an emergency

    Having an accident on the road and getting trapped in your car is an exceptionally traumatic experience. If the car is in water or on fire, it also exposes you to the risk of sustaining potentially fatal injuries. Knowing how to quickly and safely break a car window from within in case of an emergency….

    How to safely clean out a fireplace

    There’s nothing more comforting than a roaring fire on a chilly winter’s day. Now that the sun has appeared and temperatures are hotting up, you may be thinking that it’s an ideal time to give your fireplace a clean. Here are some tips to help you safely clean out a fireplace. How to safely clean….

    How to avoid injury when using an electric shaver

    Many men use electric shavers to achieve a clean shave. If you are using an electric shaver, or any other appliance in the bathroom, it’s important to take steps to avoid injury. How to avoid injury when using an electric shaver When you’re using an electric shaver, you want to get the job done quickly….

    How to correctly discard disposable BBQs

    Disposable barbecues can be incredibly useful, but they can also be dangerous if they are not handled and discarded of in the correct manner. You should never leave a barbecue of any type unattended, and the barbecue should be on a flat site. Make sure it is kept away from trees, sheds, children, pets and….

    How to safely get rid of a bees nest

    Have you been searching for information on how to safely get rid of a bees nest? If so, read on. There can be up to 50,000 bees in a hive, and if you can only see a fraction of the bees, many more may be hidden deeply. Places you might find a bees nest include….

    How to safely jump start a car

    Do you know how to safely jump start a car? If your battery ever dies and you still need to use your vehicle, you can use jumper cables to get it moving. Both your vehicle and the vehicle you are using to jump start yours will need their ignition turned off. The parking brakes will….

    How to minimise injury swelling

    Swelling can be incredibly painful and occurs when fluid in tissues builds up following injuries like sprains and strains. It can also result from allergic reactions, medication side-effects and heart failure, to give just a few examples. Whilst some people may experience localised swelling that only affects one part of the body, generalised swelling impacting….

    How to safely pack sharp objects in a suitcase

    There are times when it is necessary to pack sharp objects in a suitcase. Such occasions may, for example, arise if you are: Preparing to go camping Travelling for work Returning home from holidays abroad with souvenirs that are sharp To protect yourself and others against personal injuries, it is important to pack sharp objects….

    How to safely clean exterior windows

    Window cleaners must ensure they clean exterior windows safely to prevent injuring themselves and others. Here is how. How to safely clean exterior windows The most common window cleaning accidents are falls from height. To prevent such accidents, it is vital to use the right type of equipment and always work with utmost care. Avoiding….

    How to safely dispose of used light bulbs

    How to dispose of used light bulbs depends on the type of light bulb you are using. The disposal methods for varying types of bulb are as follows: GLS light bulbs and halogen energy-saving bulbs Standard, or incandescent light bulbs and halogen energy-saving bulbs cannot be recycled like normal glass because their fine wires are….

    How to safely dispose of smashed glass

    Pieces of glass smashed on the floor can cause all sorts of potentially nasty injuries. It is, therefore, essential to safely dispose of smashed glass quickly and effectively. Here is how. How to safely dispose of smashed glass Make sure children, pets and other people around cannot get hurt by stepping on broken glass by….

    How to treat a sting from stinging nettles

    If you need to treat a sting from stinging nettles, there are a number of different things you can do. There are few more enjoyable British traditions than a walk through the countryside. The last thing you want is for this to be ruined by one of nature’s most common weapons. What’s the best way….

    How to treat bed bug bites

    Bed bug bites can be the bane of your life. The feeling of your own bed not being clean is an extremely unpleasant one. At the very least, it will leave you suffering sleepless nights. As well as the emotional discomfort, there’s also the physical injuries to consider. Not only are bed bug bites unsightly,….

    How to prevent altitude sickness

    Altitude sickness is a condition which occurs when you ascend to high altitudes quickly. It is most commonly found in people who like to climb mountains or participate in hiking or cycling at height. If you’re planning an adventure holiday or you’re taking part in a charity climb, for example, it’s wise to take steps….

    How to stay safe on a jet ski

    Jet ski accidents can have serious consequences, so knowing how to stay safe on a jet ski is extremely important. How to stay safe on a jet ski The first step towards preventing jet ski injuries is learning how to operate a ski before taking to the water. Other measures to stay safe on a….

    How to safety check fire extinguishers

    Knowing how to safety check fire extinguishers can mean the difference between life and death. Extinguishers are an essential piece of fire safety equipment. It’s vitally important that they function properly when needed. As well as knowing how to operate a fire extinguisher, it’s also crucial you know how to check they are in good….

    How to check a fire alarm

    Knowing how to check a fire alarm is probably the single most important thing to learn when it comes to safety in the home. Fire safety is essential not only for your own home but also for your neighbours. We’ve all seen videos demonstrating how quickly fires can spark and spread. Within moments, you can….

    How to claim against a soft play centre if your child is injured

    Taking your child to a soft play centre is good fun and usually quite safe, too. Occasionally, however, accidents do happen. Accident at a soft play centre Less aware of danger and hazards than adults, children can all too easily get hurt by bits of metal sticking out of climbing frames, faulty swings or slides….

    How to make a scarring claim

    If you suffer a trip at work, a fall in a public place or an road accident, and left with a scar, you may be able to make a scarring claim for compensation. How can I make a scarring claim? The aftermath of suffering an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault can be a….

    How to claim for an industrial disease

    If you suffer as a result of your working environment or practice, it can be reassuring to know that you may claim for an industrial disease. How can I claim for an industrial disease? Making a claim after suffering an industrial disease is significantly different to claiming after a slip, trip or fall. For a….

    How to claim if you have fallen at a museum

    It’s easy to see why museums have such appeal to so many people. From the awe-inspiring Natural History Museum and fascinating Science Museum in London to quaint local galleries and, of course, the weird and wonderful worlds of the various Ripley’s littered around the United Kingdom, there’s a museum for everyone. Whether it’s a school….

    How to claim if you get injured by faulty kitchen equipment

    For some people, cooking is a passionate hobby. An opportunity to show off their culinary skills, create new recipes and discover new flavours. For others, cooking is a chore. Something to be endured rather than enjoyed and simply serves an essential purpose of getting food on the table. For a third group, kitchens hold painful….

    How to find out a council’s policy on road grit

    When there is a risk of road traffic accidents as a result of cold weather and icy conditions, it is the council’s responsibility to grit the roads. If snow is on its way or temperatures are plunging, the council may decide to send out gritters. These make the roads safer and reduce the risk of….

    How to barbecue safely

    It may still be dark when the alarm goes off in the morning, but before we know it, we’ll be ushering in the summer and looking forward to hazy days and barbecues in the garden. If you’re a keen garden party host, and you like to show off your culinary skills, it’s essential to know….

    How to claim if you have a fall in a care home

    When the elderly are placed into the care of those who work at care homes, it becomes their responsibility to look after them. They are placed into their custody with the belief that they are trustworthy and, on the whole, they are. But 25% of families complain about the care they receive in homes and….

    How to keep a tattoo clean

    Most reputable tattoo artists will tell their customers that it is imperative to keep a tattoo clean to prevent bacterial infections. They usually also provide helpful advice on how to keep new tattoos clean. How to keep a tattoo clean While advice may vary slightly form one tattooist to the next, the basic recommendations on….

    How to clean gym equipment

    Dirty, sweaty-smelling equipment not only very quickly puts people off using it, it also puts those who are still prepared to touch this equipment at risk of contracting diseases from germs left behind by others. The necessity to clean gym equipment is therefore obvious. The question is how to clean gym equipment effectively without potentially….

    Top tips on how to foam roll your back

    By using an exercise device called a foam roller, you can rid your body of the aches and pains that follow a workout and essentially serves a free massage, if you know what you’re doing that is. Working out, especially after a long day at work can hurt. There are many tips and tricks to….

    How to change a puncture

    When you get a punctured tyre, it can be quite a frustrating situation. It invariably causes delays and will result in you dipping into your pocket, whether or not you can afford it. What you most definitely cannot afford to do is risk your own life by doing something which is ill-advised. We at Accident….

    How to attach weights correctly

    A place which is a hotbed for accidents is the gym. Unless you consistently do the correct things, you run a high chance of injuring yourself or someone else. The kind of injuries that can be sustained in the gym can be down to muscle strain but also due to negligence and this typically results….

    How to dispose safely of your faulty washing machine

    When moving bulky items in the home, there is always a risk of domestic accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. Knowing how to safely dispose of your faulty washing machine can mean that you are both protecting the environment and your own health and safety. How to correctly dispose of a faulty washing machine There is legislation….

    How to check if you’ve got asbestos in your house

    Asbestos was a popular, widely-used building material between the 1950s and the mid-1980s. As such, if your home was constructed during this period, there is a chance that you may have asbestos in your house. Due to the potential health risks involved in the use of asbestos, it is no longer used as a building material today,….

    How to seek medical attention in Europe

    If you’’re travelling in Europe this summer, it’’s a good idea to do some research before you travel. If you do need medical assistance for travel accidents, it’’s wise to be aware of what to do, and who to call… how to seek medical attention in Europe. What to do if you need to seek medical attention….

    How to know whether a property is public or private

    When you are involved in public accidents, such as slips, trips and falls, you need to know whether the property is public or private in order to make a claim. Knowing whether a property is public or private isn’’t as simple as understanding a public park is public property, while a private back garden isn’t. After all, many privately owned….

    How to treat altitude sickness

    If you’’re travelling this year, you may be wary of altitude sickness. This is a common illness, which affects people when they scale the dizzy heights of mountains or visit cities located high above sea level. Here are some tips to help you treat altitude sickness and avoid travel accidents on your adventures abroad. How to treat….

    Treating a jellyfish sting

    When it is finally time to embark on your long-awaited summer sojourn, accidents abroad and travel accident compensation really is the last thing on your mind. That being said, sneaky summer sun injuries, such as a jellyfish sting, are always around to bring those dreamy days back down to earth with a thump. If you do….

    Best way to treat heat stroke

    Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can occur during heatwaves or strenuous exercises, in hot climates, or when working in hot environments. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion Heat exhaustion is a general feeling of being unwell and symptoms like those listed below caused by becoming very hot and losing salt and water from the body. Unless heat exhaustion is….

    Ensure your house is safe to work in for hired help

    It is well known that all employers must take reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of their employees to minimise the risk of accidents at work. However, what isn’t so clear is your responsibility to ensure your house is safe to work in when you hire self-employed help. Ensure your house is safe….

    How to do CPR

    Unfortunately, accidents at work can happen at any time and often, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you will need to act fast. If a colleague or customer falls ill suddenly, your first aid knowledge of how to do CPR could make the difference between life and death. How to do CPR CPR,….

    How to tell if a road is covered in black ice

    When you take to the road in the winter season, you do so with the knowledge that there is an increased chance of experiencing a road traffic accident due to adverse weather conditions. Although you can take reasonable precautions in winter to minimise the chance of a road-traffic accident occurring, weather can be unpredictable and….

    How important is to have an electrical isolation switch?

    Many of us work with electrical appliances and advanced technology on a daily basis. In order to prevent accidents at work and electrical injuries, it is of paramount importance that employers implement health and safety measures such as ensuring correct electrical isolation procedures are in place. How important is it to have an electrical isolation….

    How to store poisonous chemicals

    Whether you are a gardener, scientist, cleaner or work in any other job that involves using or storing poisonous chemicals, it is important that you understand how dangerous they are and how to store poisonous chemicals safely after use in order to avoid an accident at work. Should you receive training on how to store….

    Embarking on an Australian road trip

    A stable political system, low crime rates, well-maintained roads and high health and safety standards make Australia a relatively safe country to travel in. There are, however, some risks travellers should be aware of before embarking on an Australian road trip. Reasons to prepare before embarking on an Australian road trip Driving across Australia does….

    Proper safety procedures when disposing of glass

    When incidents occur at work, you are often required to act upon the situation adopting proper safety procedures. Depending on the accident at work, to prevent occupational accidents and injury, you may need to follow correct safety procedures for the disposing of glass. What are the proper safety procedures for disposing of glass? Unlike other….

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