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Running club accident counselling

If you are trying to find a way to obtain running club accident counselling and are facing difficulties, there are ways to resolve this. Getting counselling sounds very simple but once you are in that system it is not that easy. Your first step is to go to a doctor and get a referral for the counselling. This is an easy step to take, but it is what happens next that causes the problem.

You might find that there are budget cuts in your area so that waiting lists have been increasing. Non-emergency services such as counselling are generally the first to take a hit when it comes to funding and this has a knock-on effect to those who are waiting for the help that they need to get better.

You need to find another solution. It may be that you have to consider seeing a counsellor privately, although this does bring the additional problem of the bill. Your running club accident counselling will have to be paid for and you will not be able to claim this back via the NHS.

What can you do about this?

You might be able to claim it back with the help of a personal injury claim. A claim like this could reimburse you for any costs that are related to your accident; providing you only need counselling as a result of your running club accident you could claim the cost back along with other expenses such as prescriptions.

In order to make a claim, why not speak to a member of the team at Accident Advice Helpline? We have more than a decade of experience in personal injury claims and can guide you in the right direction when it comes to taking legal action. We are a law firm with a whole team of advisors and in-house solicitors and with all of this expertise at our fingertips you know that we will be working in your best interests throughout the process.

Why would you need running club accident counselling?

It may be that an accident at the running club has left you afraid to get back into running. It could be that it has left you worried about going to work. It may also be that it has had a strong impact on other members of your family as they have to help you to deal with everyday life. Counselling can help you to work through your issues and get some normality back in your life.

Accident Advice Helpline cannot provide you with running club accident counselling. Unfortunately you have to follow the official channels in order to get this. You also need to make sure that you only seek running club accident counselling when your doctor says you need it because you may not be able to claim for counseling costs if you diagnosed the need for it yourself.

Any personal injury claim that you make will need to be backed up with medical evidence and you may have to undergo a medical assessment to support your claim after you task Accident Advice Helpline with taking legal action on your behalf. Phone our helpline on 0800 689 5659 and one of our expert advisors will discuss your case with you.