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Road traffic accident law

Road traffic accidents

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, one of the UK’s leading accident management firms, the most common type of accident we see people suffering personal injuries from is road traffic accidents.

The Department of Transport reported that in 2011 the total number of casualties (includes slight injuries, serious injuries and fatalities) in road accidents was 203,950. The majority of casualties were car occupants/drivers.

If you have been involved in a car accident or other type of road traffic accident law surrounding who is at fault is complicated. In some cases it may be obvious who was at fault and there will be no dispute regarding liability.  In other cases it is not so obvious, or the extent of liability is not clear.

The Highway Code

In 1931 a set of rules designed to promote road safety and prevent road traffic accidents were issued; The Highway Code. It has since been updated and revised many times. It is the official road user guide in the Great Britain.

The Highway Code currently contains 306 rules, most of which are legal requirements. Failure to comply to these rules will increase your risk of an accident and is also a criminal offense.

You may be fined, given penalty points on your license or be disqualified from driving. In serious cases you may even be sent to prison.\

Road traffic accident law

If you have the misfortune of being involved in car accident or other type of vehicle accident, road traffic accident law dictates that certain steps must be taken:

  • You must stop your vehicle, regardless of fault if anyone else is injured, another vehicle or someones property is damaged, an animal is injured or if any street furniture is damaged i.e. street lamp.
  • You are obligated to give your name and address to the other party, you should also remember to take their details.
  • The police should be notified within 24 hours. If the accident is serious they should be called straight away.

Establishing fault

Immediately after an accident it is important not to get drawn into a discussion on blame with the other driver. Instead concentrate on collecting the required information and details about the accident.

If you feel you were driving safely, with due care and adhering to the Highway Code, then the accident may be the fault of the other driver.  Below are some common causes of road traffic accidents:

  • Distracted driver – may have been using mobile phone or eating
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving or under influence of drugs
  • Reckless driving – i.e. failure to indicate when changing lanes
  • Ignoring signs or signals – i.e. running a red light

Your road traffic accident law specialist will be able to assist you when making a claim for compensation.  The solicitor will be experienced in personal injury and road traffic accident law and can assist you in making a case against the negligent party.

So for expert legal advice about a possible claim call Accident Advice Helpline today on: 0800 689 5659.