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Road traffic accident case law

Road traffic accident case law can be very complex, depending on the severity of the accident, how many injured parties there were, and how many vehicles were involved.

The law on personal injuries is quite straightforward and states:

  • If someone else was to blame for an accident
  • If in that accident you sustained injuries
  • If those injuries needed medical attention
  • If the accident happened some time in the last three years

Then: under these circumstances you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Road traffic accident case law for complex cases

If another vehicle runs into the back of yours while you are stationary there is no problem in regards to who was responsible; it was obviously the fault of the driver that ran into you and they are liable for any compensation claims that arise because of their actions.

But what if you were on the motorway and a vehicle seven places in front of you has a burst tyre? The driver is well experienced and handles the situation very well, managing to control the car and keep it safe; but a driver in the next lane panics and swerves slightly to miss what he thinks is going to hit him. Thankfully he doesn’t go too far, but just enough to make the car in the slow lane do the same.

A couple of the drivers behind wonder what is going on and do an emergency stop hoping to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect because of the speed cars are travelling on a motorway, and one car after another piles into them.

The car with the burst tyre manages to move across to the hard shoulder and cannot believe the mayhem behind him. The other two drivers have carried on, totally unaware of what has happened.

Road traffic accident case law in this sort of situation would be complex, and would involve several insurance companies that had insured the motorists.

The insurance companies would all want to blame anyone except the driver they had covered, because whoever the blame was laid upon, their insurance provider would have huge bills to settle, not just for the damage to a number of cars, but also for any personal injuries sustained in the accident.

Referring to road traffic accident case law after an accident that was not your fault

If you are injured in a road traffic accident, or any other type of accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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