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Personal injury solicitor in Epping Forest

Recognised as London’s largest open space, Epping Forest covers over 2,400 hectares of land. Running between Epping and Wanstead, on the border of Essex and Greater London, the area is filled with ancient woodland.

Despite much of London being redeveloped for housing, Epping Forest is protected due to its status as a Site of Scientific Interest and as a Special Area of Conservation. Due to its sheer size, a significant amount of work is required in order to maintain the area. Groups, such as the Epping Forest Centenary Trust regularly encourage volunteers to take part in such activities and there are regular opportunities to help with conservation efforts.

Open 24 hours a day throughout the year, there is plenty of chance to explore Epping Forest at your own leisure but there are also a host of trails and sports activities to enjoy. Horse riding, golfing, running and even football matches take place in the area, so it’s an ideal place for keen amateurs to take up a new hobby.

As well as this, there are scheduled events at special times of the year. The area’s open-air theatre, The Temple, regularly hosts plays and performances throughout the summer. Similarly, visitors can take part in a guided deer walk, visit the Christmas Grotto or take part in a tree climbing workshop. With various events hosted during different seasons, there is plenty to do for all ages.

As in any outdoor space, it’s important to take safety concerns seriously when you’re visiting the area and although the clear majority of people enjoy Epping Forest without any issues at all, accidents can occasionally happen.

If you’ve been hurt whilst in or around Epping Forest, you may want to consider how the incident occurred. If someone else was responsible for the harm you suffered, they could be liable and you may be able to make a compensation claim against them.

If you’re unsure what your rights are, why not contact us at Accident Advice Helpline? We specialise in handling personal injury claims and we can help you to determine whether or not you’ll be able to make a compensation claim following an accident or injury. To find out more now, contact our personal injury team today.

Road traffic accidents in Epping Forest

Despite being a designated green space, cars and public transport vehicles can travel through certain parts of Epping Forest. Due to the size of the Forest, it features numerous carriageways. Whilst most visitor attractions are not close to any major roads, it’s important to be aware that you might meet vehicles while you’re on foot in the area.

Like most roads, those around Epping Forest can be congested when traffic builds up. As Greater London is one of the most populated areas in the country, the pressures on the surrounding road network are easily understood.

The A113, leading from Stratford to Epping Forest, has even been dubbed one of the most dangerous roads in the east of England! With many accidents occurring on this stretch of carriageway, it’s vital that motorists take extra care when travelling here.

Of course, collisions and accidents don’t just occur in Epping Forest or Greater London; they affect all parts of the country and anyone can be affected. If you’ve been hurt on local roads or been affected by road traffic accidents in Epping Forest, then you may be looking for advice or legal representation.

It would be natural to start looking for a personal injury solicitor in Epping Forest. However, why cause yourself more stress at a time that is probably fraught enough. At Accident Advice Helpline we have many years’ experience in providing clients with the just the support they need and exactly when they need it.

Why not find out more about making a claim with us? Just contact our personal injury team and we’ll be on hand to provide you with free no-obligation advice and assistance.

Whiplash accident in Epping Forest

When people are driving near to Epping Forest, they often slow down so that they can look at the local scenery. Whilst it’s understandable that people want to take in the local landscape, it can put road users at increased risk of a whiplash accident in Epping Forest.

When vehicles travel at unexpectedly slow speeds, accidents are likely to occur. The lucky may escape without serious injuries. Whiplash, however, is extremely common and is often particularly associated with these low-impact crashes. The impact forces transferred from one vehicle to another will have a significant effect on your body and the unsupported head and neck is extremely vulnerable.

Although most people recover from a whiplash injury rapidly, it can be extremely painful. You may find that you’re unable to work and move around as normal until the injury has resolved. If your neck is stiff and immobile then you may be unable to drive until fully recovered. Clearly whiplash can have a considerable impact, even when many would not have considered it a particularly serious injury.

If you’ve sustained whiplash as a result of a road accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t miss out on your chance to obtain compensation. If you’ve been thinking of making a claim with a personal injury solicitor in Epping Forest, why not contact Accident Advice Helpline now? We can assist you with your claim and we’ll do everything we can to get the compensation package you deserve.

Slips, trips and falls in Epping Forest

When you’re walking through forests or in an open area, it’s not uncommon to experience stumbles or falls. Familiarising yourself with the land and wearing appropriate footwear can help to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary injuries. In some cases, however, slips, trips and falls in Epping Forest may not be your fault.

If you suffered harm because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If someone knocked into you and caused you to fall then they should be held responsible. Similarly, if people were cycling at high speed and collided with you on a dedicated walking trail, they ought to be held accountable for their actions.

If people are hurt when they’re out walking, if can be difficult to assess whether a compensation claim can be made. If you are uncertain about your position, Accident Advice Helpline can help. Our experienced personal injury team have many years’ experience, helping clients just like you with to obtain financial compensation.

If you’ve sustained injuries that required medical attention, your first course of action should be to see your GP and have your injuries assessed. Your second course of action should be to contact our helpful advisers!

Work accident in Epping Forest

Although the clear majority of people in Epping Forest are economically active, they don’t all work in the local area. Many commute into the City of London, whilst others may travel further afield to work.

Many who work in Epping Forest, have office-based roles. In fact, over 50% of local employees work in professional, technical or managerial roles. With many businesses and corporations based in the area, there are various job opportunities for people across numerous sectors.

As in all UK workplaces, employers owe a duty of care to their employees. If they fail in this duty and people are hurt as a result, they can face serious consequences. As well as facing action from a personal injury solicitor in Epping Forest, in some cases they will even have to answer criminal charges!

If you’ve been hurt whilst at work or whilst performing your job role, it’s possible that your employer is responsible. If they haven’t provided you with the right training or equipment to carry out your work then you may be able to pursue a claim against them. A safe working environment is not a nice luxury to have. Rather, it your absolute right. If your safety and well-being hasn’t been treated with the respect it deserves then why not speak to someone confidentially?

We can give you all the details you need to decide if making a claim is right for you and, if you choose to go ahead, we would be delighted to act on your behalf.

Getting no win no fee legal help

Even if you’re aware that you’re eligible to claim personal injury compensation, you may be worried about the cost of getting legal assistance. At Accident Advice Helpline, we don’t believe your financial situation should prevent you from acting. Too many innocent people suffer in silence and too many get away with reckless or negligent behaviour.

To make the law available to the widest number of people, we work on a no win no fee basis. This means that you can make a personal injury claim without having to pay any upfront fees at all. Providing you weren’t at fault and your injury or illness required medical treatment, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help.

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