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Personal injury solicitor in Stockport

They say if you want to get ahead get a hat, and for many years if you bought a hat, it would likely have been made in Stockport. Stockport is a large town in Greater Manchester, south-east of Manchester city centre. Here, the Tame and the River Goyt merge and create the River Mersey.

Records show that during the 16th century, Stockport was a small town cultivating hemp and manufacturing rope, which was hugely important for the shipping industry. As the town grew it became important for silk manufacturing and cotton, but it was world renowned for the UK’s hatting industry; by 1884 was exporting more than six million hats a year. Sadly, the final hat factory in Stockport closed in 1997.

The town is currently undergoing extensive regeneration to modernise the old industrial areas, and provide mixed use residential and commercial property around the centre.

If you live or work in Stockport and you’ve been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you may be wondering whether you can make a claim for your injuries. A personal injury solicitor in Stockport could help you, but finding the right person can take time. Save yourself the hassle and call Accident Advice Helpline instead. We are the UK’s experts in compensation claims for personal injuries, so call us today and find out whether you can make a claim for any of the following accidents.

Road traffic accidents in Stockport

Searching for a personal injury solicitor in Stockport after a road accident? Road traffic accidents in Stockport can involve pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes and the users of public transport as well as car drivers and their passengers. Several roads around the area have an unenviable reputation for being accident blackspots, with the A6 a particularly troublesome route.

However, it is the Stockport Road, a major commuter route between Stockport and Greater Manchester that has been labelled the most dangerous. In the ten years to 2012, the Manchester Evening News was able to demonstrate that there had been more than 780 crashes on the road, or 143 for each mile between the M60 and the inner ring-road.

Five of these accidents were fatal crashes, while another 61 involved at least one person suffering serious injuries. There were also 772 collisions on the Stockport Road resulting in slight injuries such as sprains, bruises, minor cuts or slight shock.

There are numerous troublesome junctions on the commuter route from Manchester to Stockport, if you are injured in an accident because someone isn’t paying due care or attention then you are well within your rights to make a claim.

Contact Accident Advice Helpline today, to discuss the next steps in making a claim using our no win no fee agreement. We have experts who will support your road accident claim very step of the way.

Whiplash accidents in Stockport

Commuter routes mean slow traffic, which can cause frustration to build up among drivers at peak times during the day. The constant stop, start, accelerating and decelerating can cause drivers to lose focus, and is a common reason for accidents. You may have been involved in whiplash accidents in Stockport and you’re unsure whether to make a claim for your injuries or not. At Accident Advice Helpline, we say, if the injuries were caused in an accident that was not your fault, go ahead and make a claim.

A common cause of whiplash is when you are in a vehicle that is hit from behind by another vehicle, and your head is jolted backwards and forwards in a sharp whip-like movement, causing some neck muscles and ligaments to stretch more than normal. The NHS note that symptoms of whiplash can include some of the following:

  • Pain and stiffness in the neck – turning and bending the neck can be difficult
  • Pain and stiffness in the shoulders or down the arms
  • Pain and stiffness in the upper or lower part of the back
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or blurred vision
  • Pain on swallowing
  • Unusual sensations around the face
  • Tiredness or irritability

It often takes several hours after the incident for your symptoms to appear, and pain and stiffness usually gets worse in the 24 hours after the accident. You should see a doctor if you are concerned about any of your symptoms.

If you wish to make a claim for whiplash, we will need to see evidence of your injuries, and therefore medical opinion should be sought in the hours or days immediately after the accident. Don’t waste time searching for a personal injury solicitor in Stockport; contact us today.

Slips, trips and falls in Stockport

Slips, trips and falls in Stockport are some of the most popular claims we handle. Figures from the HSE show that during 2016-2017, 29 per cent of non-fatal injuries to employees was caused by slips, trips and falls, and even more occurred in the home or while people were out shopping or pursuing leisure activities.

As with any compensation for personal injury, if you were not to blame for the incident and you think you know who was, Accident Advice Helpline can pursue a claim for you. It doesn’t matter about the extent of your injuries; you should not have been hurt and we’ll help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Call us and talk to us about the circumstances of your accident, who was involved and where and when it happened. We’ll ask you to describe your injuries, and treatment, and then we’ll work out whether you can make a claim. If you can, we’ll even estimate the compensation amount for you and you can choose to begin your case or not. You’re under no obligation, but one phone call could mean the start of your compensation journey. Call us today.

Work accident in Stockport

If you live or work in the town and you’ve suffered a work accident in Stockport, don’t be shy about making a claim against your employer, call Accident Advice Helpline and get started on making a claim.

In 2016-2017 there were 609,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries to workers and 70,116 non-fatal injuries to employees reported by employers. There is a huge amount of carelessness and negligence out there in the workplace, and it is important that employers are held accountable for it.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, you can claim for injuries received in an accident that was not your fault. You may work in a shop, and had an accident when retrieving or carrying stock. You may work on a building site and did not receive the correct safety gear for your job. You may work in a factory but something went wrong with a machine. Regardless of what happened to you, call us up here at Accident Advice Helpline.

We have experts in compensation for work accidents, so get in touch today and let’s make a start.

Need a personal injury solicitor in Stockport?

If you’ve had an accident and need a personal injury solicitor in Stockport, Accident Advice Helpline want to hear from you. As long as the accident was not your fault, and occurred in the last three years, we have specialists who will help you claim. We’ll simply need to establish a few facts about your case and then you’ll have the option of beginning your claim for your injuries with us. For more information about claiming using our no win no fee agreement, call us today.

The number you need when calling is 0800 689 5659.