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Personal injury solicitor in Oughterard

Looking for a personal injury solicitor in Oughterard because you’ve had a whiplash injury?

Are you familiar with whiplash at all? You might be puzzled as to why anyone should need to ask that question. After all, if you’ve suffered a whiplash injury already, you’re definitely familiar with it; that’s the reason you’re now searching for a personal injury solicitor in Oughterard.

You may know less than you think

Whiplash is often talked about in our everyday lives, and it pops up frequently on our TV screens in daytime dramas, so many of us have at least a basic understanding of the condition.

But you may not know the full story.  At Accident Advice Helpline, we have been dealing with compensation claims for whiplash injury throughout the British Isles for over 17 years, ever since we began helping accident victims in 2000. We know a lot about it – and what to do if it happens to you. So instead of looking for a personal injury solicitor in Oughterard, why not talk to us instead?

Whiplash: the facts

Whiplash is a condition that affects the neck. In whiplash, the tendons and ligaments are the parts of the neck that are affected. It is caused by sudden impact, which causes the head to jerk, putting strain on the neck. For this reason, it is common to get a whiplash injury as a result of a collision on the road – but that’s not the only way it happens. You can also get it from a blow to the head, or from a slip and fall.

The symptoms are usually as follows: pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the neck. You will probably find it difficult to move your neck properly. You could also experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Fortunately, diagnosis is easy and treatment is straightforward. There are no special procedures required for a doctor to be able to detect whiplash, and the condition usually clears up within a matter of weeks, after adequate rest and pain relief.

Claiming compensation with a personal injury solicitor in Oughterard

You could find that your biggest problem is related to your bank balance. That’s because you could need time off work to recover, which means you are at risk of losing income. In addition to this, you could need the services of a home help or a childminder, and you may need to pay for prescriptions and public transport or taxis.

If you make a claim, and it is settled successfully, you’ll receive a payout for your whiplash injury. The other part of the money you are awarded will be for the reimbursement of your losses and expenses. Pass all relevant receipts, bank statements etc to your personal injury solicitor in Oughterard and they will do the rest.

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