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Personal injury solicitor in Manchester

The historical city of Manchester is the UK’s second most populous area, with a population of 2.25 million living in and nearby. As the world’s first industrialised city, Manchester has been a hub of business, culture and people for centuries, and today is a popular place to live, work and visit, attracting more than 115 million tourists every year.

With so many people enjoying spending time in Manchester, it’s no wonder that accidents can sometimes occur when we least expect it. From incidents on the road to unexpected slips and falls, or even accidents that happen in the workplace, you never really know when you’ll need the help of a personal injury solicitor in Manchester for accident claims.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we pride ourselves on being the expert specialists who can win your case for you. Our highly experienced personal injury solicitors are ready and waiting to take your case, helping you win the compensation you deserve when you’ve suffered an injury that was not your fault. Call us today to find out more, no matter what your situation.

Road traffic accident Manchester

Congestion is a major problem for a big, busy city like Manchester. In fact, a report by traffic management company INRIX found that Manchester is the second most congested area in the UK after London, and identified some of the worst hotspots for traffic as follows:

  1. The M67 junction with the A57 at Mottram in Longdendale
  2. Princess Parkway on the A5103
  3. The M61 at junction 3 with Kearsley
  4. The M60 at junction 14 with Swinton
  5. The M67 junction with the M60 known as the Denton Interchange

Other congestion blackspots included the Trafford Centre, Sharston and Wardley Interchange. The survey also discovered that the worst time to be on the road in Greater Manchester was on a Friday between 5 and 6pm, where journey times take an average of 56 per cent longer than usual.

With so much traffic on the roads, it’s no surprise that accidents happen from time to time. Stressed out commuters rushing to work, parents with noisy kids in the back, young people chatting to friends… a momentary lapse in concentration is all it takes to cause a shunt, or something worse.

Even on the speed restricted roads in built-up areas, accidents are relatively common. Five stretches of 30mph road were found to have six accidents each over the course of 2015. These were the A56, Bury New Road, the A6010 in Collyhurst, the A6104 in Moston, the A62 in Monsall and the B6393 also in Moston. Most of these accidents resulted in injuries, although one led to the death of a 19-year-old man.

Busy roads such as those in and around Manchester aren’t always safe, whether you’re a driver, pedestrian, passenger or cyclist. If you’ve been in a road traffic accident in Manchester that wasn’t your fault, our team can help. With a good personal injury solicitor in Manchester on your side, you’re certain to win the compensation you deserve.

Whiplash accident in Manchester

Not all car crashes in Manchester lead to serious injuries; in fact, the vast majority are low speed shunts caused by excessive traffic and lapses in concentration. However, even a low speed collision can cause painful injuries, particularly to the neck, back and shoulders. When the soft tissues in this area become torn, pulled or damaged, this is known as a whiplash injury.

Whiplash isn’t only caused by car accidents; in fact, any unexpected and rapid movement of the head can result in whiplash. Other causes of a whiplash accident in Manchester could be, for example:

  • Falling or tripping over
  • Falling from height, such as a ladder or down a hole
  • Being hit in the head by a solid object
  • Riding a fairground ride or rollercoaster
  • Taking part in a contact sport

Sometimes, this type of injury is just bad luck, particularly if you’ve willingly taken part in an activity that put you at risk. However, other times it was not your fault at all, and could have been avoided if other people were taking more care. In this situation, you are within your rights, and encouraged, to seek a claim for compensation.

Whiplash doesn’t always show itself right away; sometimes it can take several hours before symptoms are shown. However, it does tend to hang around, and although half of all cases clear up after a couple of months, one in four victims will still experience pain, discomfort or loss or movement after a year or more.

For this reason, it is vital you seek compensation as soon as you are diagnosed with whiplash. Choosing not to claim, as around 60 per cent of all victims do, could leave you in pain for many years and without any recompense for your injury. Talk to an expert personal injury solicitor for Manchester whiplash claims today through Accident Advice Helpline, and we’ll make sure you get what you deserve.

Slips, trips and falls in Manchester

Slipping, falling and tripping over are the single most common cause of injury in the UK today, as reported to HSE. Seeing someone fall over might seem like a laughing matter at first, but when you consider the number of people seriously injured (and the two fatalities per year) from slips, trips and falls, you start to realise it’s not actually funny at all.

Slips, trips and falls in Manchester can happen at any time; out shopping in the mall, travelling on a bus or the metro, simply walking down the street. Sometimes it’s just our own clumsy feet that are to blame, but other times we could actually have avoided a fall if someone else was doing their job properly.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we help people make compensation claims for slips, trips and falls where someone else has caused the incident. This could be that something was spilled and not cleaned up, that cleaning was in progress but no warning sign was visible, or that a public footpath was not maintained and caused the victim to trip.

By making a compensation claim, you will not only give yourself a financial cushion, something which is very welcome if you’ve got to take time off work to recover, but you will also be making sure that the responsible party is brought to justice. Through making them accountable for their actions, you could help to make Manchester a safer place, and prevent the same problem befalling someone else.

Work accident in Manchester

The Greater Manchester area is home to numerous companies operating both nationally and internationally. Household name brands have headquarters and distribution centres based in the area. Trafford Park is the world’s first planned industrial estate, and is still the largest in Europe today.

Employment in Manchester is relatively low at 60 per cent of the population. However, many of those classed as ‘unemployed’ are actually some of the millions of students who attend the universities in the city. Finance, banking and insurance are major industries here, providing almost a third of all the jobs in the city. Construction, retail, transport and tech are also large employers.

HSE has named construction as the most dangerous occupation in terms of accidents at work. Most of the workplace fatalities in the UK occur in the construction industry; however, of the two million people in the UK who are injured or become ill due to work, the majority will work in agriculture, health or transportation.

It’s impossible to predict whether you are at risk of a work accident in Manchester, but it is important that you stay vigilant for dangerous situations. Manchester City Council provide support and advice for businesses and employees on how to stay safe and compliant at work. However, if you do suffer an illness or injury while at work, it is your right and privilege to seek a compensation claim.

You don’t necessarily need a personal injury solicitor in Manchester for accident at work claims. We can provide you with someone who has all the experience and motivation to get your claim settled successfully, no matter where you live or work. Our team will take care of all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about the case. Talk to our advisors today for more information, and to find out how we can help you claim what you deserve.

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