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Personal injury compensation timescale

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault or have been a victim of clinical negligence or incompetence you may at first be feeling too shocked or ill to consider making a personal injury claim. When you are feeling better, you may then worry that the whole incident was too long ago to be able to start proceedings, but in fact the personal injury compensation timescale is much longer than you might think.

From the date of the accident or episode of negligence, you have three years to start your claim. In certain circumstances the personal injury compensation timescale can be longer than this. If the victim was a minor at the time, the three year timescale is not applicable. This is particularly important in cases of medical negligence at birth as it can take quite some time before the full impact can be assessed.

If the person had a mental defect which prevented the reporting of the incident at the time then the three year (thirty six months) personal injury compensation timescale also does not apply. A judge can also countermand the time limit if he or she considers that there are extenuating circumstances which have caused the victim to have not begun proceedings. This can include someone who has been injured at work but is afraid of losing their job if they make a personal injury claim against their employer.

Talking to an informed advisor can help you make up your mind

If you are worried about whether you should make a claim for compensation then call Accident Advice Helpline on the freephone number for advice and reassurance. We have been dealing with personal injury compensation claims since 2000, so our advice can be trusted implicitly. If you decide to go ahead, you will be assigned your own lawyer who will see the case through for you on a no win no fee basis and most of the work can be done on the phone. Plus court appearances are rare. So you shouldn’t have any fears about having to see the person who caused your injury again.