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How much will a claim be worth with carpal tunnel?

Have you ever had cause to ask ‘How much will a claim be worth with carpal tunnel?’ Many people suffer from this condition, and it can cause significant pain and discomfort. It also makes doing various things much harder and more painful than should be the case. Asking ‘how much will a claim be worth with carpal tunnel?’ is worth doing if you suspect you are not to blame for your condition and someone else might be.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS as it is sometimes referred to, is very common and can cause a range of symptoms felt in the hands and fingers. It may occur in one hand or both. While the symptoms are usually felt in the hands and fingers, the problem area is in the wrist. This is where the carpal tunnel is. It’s a small passage through which the median nerve passes. If the tunnel ends up compressing this nerve, it causes all the symptoms indicative of the condition.

What symptoms may you suffer if you develop CTS?

The symptoms will depend on how serious the condition is. Sometimes, you may only feel a dull ache in one or both hands. You might also feel some tingling as the nerve is compressed, leading to the familiar pins and needles sensation we all know. In more serious cases, people may experience an ache that extends up the arm and as far up as the shoulder. The affected area is from midway along the ring finger (vertically) and moving across to and including the thumb. Many people feel as though the condition affects their entire hand, though.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome typically become worse at night. Some people who are affected by it may not experience any symptoms during the day at all. In some cases, those symptoms will persist during the day. This is more likely to occur if the condition is more pronounced. Dropping things or failing to have much grip over things can both present as symptoms as well.

Learning more about a claim

So, how much will a claim be worth with carpal tunnel? Well, to be able to consider making a claim, you must prove there was negligence, and that this negligence directly led to the condition developing. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) includes carpal tunnel syndrome as one of several musculoskeletal conditions. They also point out certain jobs may make this condition more likely to occur.

For example, those who work on assembly or packing lines regularly use their hands to perform repetitive tasks. This can lead to CTS developing in some instances. But even computer users cannot escape from the potential to develop the condition. Indeed, using a computer keyboard can be a common trigger. Any job that requires a person to do manual labour can also lead to this, so you can see it is possible to develop it no matter what you do, providing there is some physical aspect involved that uses the hands and fingers virtually daily.

When exploring how much a claim will be worth with carpal tunnel, the severity of your injury will need to be considered. It is also important to determine whether your employer did all they could to try and prevent the injury from occurring to begin with. If they were negligent and did not risk-assess your job to minimise the chances of you developing CTS, this may result in a claim. How much will a claim be worth with carpal tunnel is a fair question, but as you can see, it is just as important to ask whether your employer was negligent.

Receiving treatment for CTS

If you suspect you have this condition, you should get the diagnosis confirmed by your doctor. You should also notify your employer once you have a diagnosis, and they should do everything they can to minimise the risks you are exposed to at work.

The trick to reducing your symptoms is to focus on reducing the pressure that is currently being applied to your median nerve. Rigid wrist splints are the best course of action to take initially. These should be worn every night in bed, and you will probably notice your symptoms will start to subside. Some people wake up from the pain of CTS during the night, and wearing these splints can help improve your symptoms so you can sleep more comfortably. You might also notice you have less pain and swelling.

Injections and painkillers provide two other possibilities. The final option, reserved for those who experience severe symptoms, is surgery. If you have tried everything else and you are still suffering from symptoms, you may end up looking at this as an option.

Average compensation amounts for carpal tunnel

Since 49% of occupational health conditions reported in 2009 were musculoskeletal disorders, including CTS, it makes sense to do everything you can to reduce your symptoms if you have the condition. However, you can also ask about the chances of making a claim and receiving an award as the result.

Accident Advice Helpline has dealt with many other claims relating to carpal tunnel syndrome. The amounts received depend on various factors, but our personal injury lawyers are on hand to see if they can help you understand where you are.

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