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How much compensation for GBH with intent?

It is an unfortunate fact that violent crime is a feature of our society and whilst it is an uncommon occurrence, there are some incidences where innocent people are attacked and injured. Whilst the fact that this is relatively uncommon is of no consolation to victims of such violence, the fact that the majority of cases result in the perpetrators being arrested and charged, certainly is.

In the most serious of cases, the charge brought against these perpetrators could well be one of GBH with intent, which is a very serious offence. If an attack does lead to this charge, then the victim will have been seriously injured, will undoubtedly require significant medical attention and will take a long time to fully recover. It is for these reasons that the victim will also be entitled by law to seek compensation. It is difficult to answer how much compensation for GBH with intent is enough to compensate for a victim’s suffering, but varying factors will be considered to make it as fair as possible.

When can you claim?

The claims process is designed to account for the fact that in the immediate aftermath of an attack, the victim will need to concentrate on getting medical attention and beginning their recovery. That is why you have up to three years from the incident in which you can begin claims proceedings. However, if you leave it any longer then you can no longer claim.

How much compensation could I get after suffering GBH with intent?

As mentioned earlier, the question of how much compensation for GBH with intent is enough to make up for the victim’s suffering, is a tough one. This is because the impacts of such an attack can stretch beyond the immediate pain and injury, and can result in both psychological and financial issues. It is for this reason that compensation amounts are debated independently for each individual case, and the compensation awarded is designed to reflect the level of suffering of the victims.

Who can help you to claim?

If you do need to pursue compensation in the light of an attack, then you will want your claim to be handled by the very best, and with this in mind you need look no further than Accident Advice Helpline. Accident Advice Helpline has accrued over 16 years’ experience in handling all kinds of compensation claims. What’s more we have also earned the official endorsement of television personality and consumer campaigner Dame 0800 689 5659.