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Mental and emotional injury claims

There are occasions when a crime of violence does not cause physical injury; instead the assailant will use prolonged abuse to inflict mental and emotional injury. In other cases, the witnesses of a violent crime may be traumatised due to the horrific nature of what they saw. Whatever the reason, we at Accident Advice Helpline have a team of solicitors experienced in dealing with mental and emotional injury claims.

The long-term effects of emotional trauma can have a devastating impact on your life. They can drain your finances if you have to undergo expensive treatment or damage your ability to work, causing loss of earnings. With the aid of Accident Advice Helpline advisers you can be sure of receiving the compensation you need to help restore at least some degree of normality to your life.

The claims process

Once the crime that caused your injury has been reported to the police you can quickly and easily begin the claims process by calling Accident Advice Helpline. With the aid of our friendly advisers and our network of specialist solicitors we will make the claims process as hassle free as possible.

For a claim to be considered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority the incident must have taken place within the past two years. The only exceptions are childhood abuse cases, which do not have a time limit. The crime in question must also have taken place in England, Scotland or Wales.

Your claim will be assessed, based on a number of factors. Your injuries will be measured against a tariff system, which determines the level of compensation you can expect to receive, with additional payments being made to cover loss of earnings or on-going treatment. Conversely, deductions may be made based on whether you have a criminal record, the way you co-operated with the police and your behaviour during the crime. NHS support and other state benefits may result in reductions being made in order to avoid duplicate payments.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Formed in 1964, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is responsible for administering the compensation of all criminal injury claims; this includes mental, emotional and physical injuries. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority recognises that it is not always possible to pursue a specific party for damages, which is why awards for compensation are made from public funds.

The basis of scheme is a 25-level tariff system of compensation awards, ranging from £1,000 to £500,000. Alongside this there are additional payments for loss of earnings, on-going care and fatalities. Payments can be made in lump sum or trust fund form, if the award is for a minor, an incapable adult or an individual who needs to be protected from a family member who might use their compensation fraudulently.

As the vast majority of cases are settled out of court you can be reassured that the level of stress involved is kept to an absolute minimum. If you feel you may have a claim for mental and emotional injury simply call Accident Advice Helpline today and one of our friendly advisers will quickly establish if you have a case and begin the process of submitting your claim.