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The long term effects of mental health issues

The long term effects of mental health issues can be far-reaching. They can not only affect a victim’s long term health and well-being, but their quality of life too. Both of these aspects must be taken into consideration when one is thinking about claiming compensation for mental health problems which have been caused by the actions, inactions and deeds of others.

The long term effects of mental health issues that come under neuroses

Mental health is broken down by mental health professionals into two categories:

  • Psychotic
  • Neurotic

Psychotic issues are those that interfere with someone’s interpretation of reality. They may for example experience hallucinations, and hear things or smell things that are not really there. These types of issues do not normally come under the injury compensation bracket.

Neurotic issues on the other hand tend to be ones whereby victims experience severe forms of ordinary, emotional experiences like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

It is these types of problems that can come into the realm of personal injury compensation when the long term effects of mental health issues have to be evaluated.

The first thing that must be considered when one is contemplating claiming compensation is the blame factor. The blame has to be clearly laid at someone else’s doorstep. Clear medical proof of the condition must also be available.

With most cases of personal injury you can get an estimate of how much compensation you could be awarded for your injury or condition, by devices like the Accident Advice Helpline 30-second test™. But the long term effects of mental health issues must also be taken into consideration to determine an appropriate compensation award amount.

Getting customer support from Accident Advice Helpline

The best place to start when launching any sort of personal injury claim is with our customer support team. They can be reached via our national helpline and will be able to give you free guidance and advice about any aspect of your potential claim. There are two numbers you can use to access this help:

Compensation claims for mental health issues can be more difficult to prove, which is why proper medical proof is so important. However, Accident Advice Helpline offers a no win no fee guarantee, so you mustn’t let the fear of losing your claim stop you trying. We know how best to increase the chances of any claims, and our services come highly recommended by Dame

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