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The long term effects of a head injury

What are the long term effects of a head injury? There is no straightforward answer to this question.  No two head injuries are ever exactly the same. Much depends on the nature and severity of the head injury.

Although no two cases are ever the same, there are some generalised patterns when it comes to the long term effects of a head injury. We will take a closer look at them here.

The long term effects of a head injury can be difficult to live with

Generally, a person who has suffered a moderate to severe brain injury will find that their cognitive function is impaired. They may struggle with any number of tasks that rely on effective cognitive function. Thus paying attention, focusing on tasks and remembering new things may become difficult for someone with a brain injury.

Their reactions to situations may vary considerably from perceived norms. A person with a head injury may also lose the ability to think abstractly. In some cases, head injury victims struggle with speech and language.

The long term effects of a head injury don’t just concern cognitive function. Having a head injury can also have an adverse impact on a person’s mood and behaviour. Personality shifts are not uncommon in people who have suffered a head injury.

This means that someone who was once cheerful and upbeat can become negative and hard to tolerate for the people they live with. In extreme cases, head injury victims struggle with impulse control to the extent that they become violent. This can occur even if the individual was a gentle pacifist before the accident occurred.

All of this is not easy to live with. It is hard for the victim of the head injury. It is also incredibly difficult for the loved ones of the victim to cope with, especially when the person they once knew and loved now seems like a stranger.

Justice is necessary

The long term impact of a head injury is incredibly difficult to cope with. If someone else caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, then they need to be held to account for what has happened.

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