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How long is dislocated shoulder healing time?

So you have dislocated your shoulder after a fall – perhaps you fell downstairs at work or slipped on a wet floor in a shop and fell onto outstretched arms – and you’re wondering how long dislocated shoulder healing time is. Specifically you’re wondering how long you’ll need to take off work, and how you will cover your household bills and manage financially during that time.

For most people, dislocated shoulder healing time is around 12-16 weeks, that’s after your shoulder has been popped back in its socket. If you need surgery to repair torn tissues, you may take a little longer to heal. You should expect to take two to four weeks off work, but if you work in a particularly physical role, you may need a few more weeks off, so it’s always best to play it by ear.

Will dislocated shoulder healing time affect my injury claim?

If you’re making a claim for personal injury compensation after your accident then the time it takes you to heal from your injuries is definitely something which we will take into consideration. That’s because the longer you are off work, the more your finances will be affected. So you could claim for loss of earnings, helping your family out financially after your accident. If you’re under 25 or over 40, you are more at risk of dislocating your shoulder again, and if this happens you could be eligible to receive additional compensation. This risk is reduced if your shoulder tissues are repaired during surgery or if you are careful about carrying out shoulder exercises daily to strengthen your shoulder.

Why should you claim compensation after your accident?

If your employer was negligent and caused your accident, or if you were injured in a shop or other public place and somebody else was at fault, you’re entitled to claim compensation. Don’t let anybody talk you out of what you are entitled to – making a personal injury claim can help ease financial stress if you have taken time off work after your accident. So if you wouldn’t have been injured if it wasn’t for somebody else’s negligence, you are entitled to make a no win no fee claim with Accident Advice Helpline.

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