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London’s most dangerous areas: Dalston

Dalston has a population of 7,659 people. It has two train stations and Hackney Central isn’t far away to the east of Dalston, either, so transport links are good. The area is patrolled by the Metropolitan Police Service. Their website confirms 228 separate crimes were reported to police in November 2016.

The police are very active in helping to make this a better and safer place to live. While most people are unaffected by crime in the area, as is the case elsewhere in London, crime levels are higher here than in some other parts of the city. As such, the local police has committed to making as many as three ward promises each month to improve the community and safety levels there.

The perks of living in Dalston

Dalston enjoys a good position to the north of the City of London. Stratford and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are located to the east, while Camden Town and Chalk Farm are out to the west. Various London attraction highlights are nearby too, such as The British Library, the Barbican Centre, the British Museum and London Zoo. Clearly, those living in this area have plenty of opportunities to explore London and to make the most of the excellent transport connections in the area as well.

It may be hard to imagine today, but Dalston used to be a village – one of four that existed in the Parish of Hackney. By the time the 1800s arrived, it was a fully-fledged suburb of London. Today, many people rent in the area while others have bought properties there. Additionally, it received a boost in the approach to the London 2012 Olympics.

Types of crime experienced in Dalston and elsewhere

It is important to note that crime is not unique to this area. Every city countrywide, and even around the world, will be prone to crime to some degree. Any area that is bustling with thousands of people also has the potential to see more accidents if proper care isn’t taken to avoid them. Here are some examples that fall into each category:

  • Knife crime – knives are often carried by members of gangs, particularly among teenagers. Most people living in Dalston will have no experience of encountering anything like this, but it’s worth being aware of it. Statistics show there were 434 knife crimes across the London Borough of Hackney, in which Dalston is located, from 2012 to 2014.
  • Pickpocketing – this can happen anywhere, but pickpockets tend to populate areas that have lots of people. This means they can disappear in a crowd. You may not even realise you’ve been pickpocketed until later, at which point the thief is long gone.
  • Slips, trips and falls – these are among the most common accidents people can suffer from in any setting. They can happen just as easily in the middle of Dalston as they can elsewhere in London or throughout the country.
  • Road accidents – London’s roads are always very busy day and night. Dalston is no exception to this, which is why we should all take ample care and stay alert.

The good news is that road accident casualties across London reached their lowest levels ever in recent years. In 2014, Transport for London announced a 23% fall in casualties for 2013. This figure covers both fatalities and serious injuries. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities also fell in the same year by 25%.

Further data has shown that in 2014, the borough of Hackney saw 60 people seriously injured or killed in road accidents. In 2004, the figure was 149, and four years later, it had risen to 162. Clearly, there has been a significant drop and that is encouraging, but as we all know, accidents could still potentially happen.

Taking good care on the roads and pavements of Dalston

Many accidents can easily be prevented if we take proper care and are aware of our surroundings. For example, don’t be tempted to try and ‘jump the lights’ to get to work faster. Taking a few seconds more to stay safe on your journey might make all the difference between completing it safely and being hurt along the route.

If you are a pedestrian, you should ensure you know your way around Dalston and you stay alert to your surroundings. This means keeping a hold on your bag or purse, in case you’re targeted by pickpockets, and watching the road when you cross. Always use proper crossing points and wait until the lights turn in your favour. Even then, you should take care where you step to avoid slips, trips and falls, and make sure no one has tried to jump the lights and is heading towards you.

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