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Lacerations and scarring compensation claims

The phrase ‘personal injury’ covers many different types of injuries, from broken bones to head injuries, but many people may not be aware that lacerations and scarring compensation claims can be legitimate as well. It can be very traumatic if your skin has been cut and scarred as the result of an accident, and these do not always heal. Facial scars in particular can be damaging both physically and psychologically.

Permanent scars can be disfiguring and this means that a person’s life can change dramatically. Those who have been confident and outgoing in the past may find it harder to have the same outlook and could become withdrawn and depressed as a result. From this it can be very difficult to get back to normal daily life and the way that everything is done will change.

This type of injury can be caused by almost any type of accident, from an incident at work to an accident on the road, so this sort of compensation claim is fairly common. Anyone who has suffered these injuries as the result of an accident should ensure that they consult a medical professional, who will be able to tell them how well they should expect the scarring to heal. Medical notes will also be needed when making a claim for compensation as these will be indisputable evidence that the injury has occurred.

making a claim is not the most pleasant thought in the world, but sometimes it is necessary. These days, however, there is very little cause for worry. The system for making claims is not as long and laborious as it used to be and there are specialists working in this area that can deal with much of the process on your behalf.

When making a claim for lacerations and scarring it is a good idea to have all the details of the incident to hand. Make a note of exactly what happened, when and where, as well as the details of any witnesses who can support you when making a claim. Photographs of the injuries when they first occurred will be needed. When speaking to the professional claims representatives at Accident Advice Helpline they will guide you through the information that you need to provide and will use that to provide a solicitor who has experience of dealing with this type of claim. There is no way of knowing how long a claim is going to take as each one is different, and there is also no way of telling how much compensation will be paid.

One of the main concerns when making a claim for lacerations and scarring is how much the process is going to cost. There are no upfront costs when using Accident Advice Helpline as the process is on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, which allows the claimant to get maximum compensation as a result of a successful claim, or pay out nothing in solicitor fees if the claim proves to be unsuccessful.

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