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Is it safe to keep a pedestal fan going for 24 hours?

When the weather is warm – or even hot, although it doesn’t seem to happen often in the UK – a pedestal fan can make all the difference between feeling uncomfortably sticky and more pleasantly cool. You can find lots of information on how to keep cool by visiting various sites on the internet, as many people do whenever we have a mini heatwave in the UK. Fans are not always mentioned in these instances, but they can be a crucial benefit in keeping rooms cooler during the day and at night.

What is a pedestal fan?

As you may be aware, fans come in all shapes and sizes. There are desktop fans, compact fans, and even USB fans that plug into your computer. Pedestal fans are popular because they can be placed on the floor, thereby allowing the fan to circulate air over a larger area. The better quality examples can be height-adjusted, allowing them to be adjusted to the perfect height for any room. They are also very affordable, and usually only cost a few pennies per hour to run.

Are pedestal fans safe to use for long periods?

To operate a pedestal fan, you must plug it into a wall socket. They will usually come with a moulded plug attached, thereby making them safer to use, as the wiring is all safely enclosed within the cord and the plug.

They are also designed to be run safely for longer periods, so you should be perfectly safe to use one and keep the pedestal fan going for 24 hours or even longer, if need be. Of course, with that said, you should check it before you use it to ensure it is safe and the cord isn’t damaged or frayed. You should also check it regularly while using it. If you go out, it is a good idea to turn off the fan while you are not there, just in case anything untoward should happen. Heat exhaustion is one of several things people could potentially experience during a heatwave, and using a pedestal fan could help you stay cool whenever you are at home.

Should you rely solely on a pedestal fan to stay cool?

No – there are plenty of other things you can do to help you stay healthy during warm weather. For example, drinking fluids regularly is vital to prevent dehydration. Try not to go out during the warmest part of the day if you can help it, which usually falls between 11am and 3pm. Caffeinated drinks are not a good idea, however, and neither is alcohol, as these can make dehydration worse.

While you can use your pedestal fan safely at home, you should also keep the rooms as cool as possible by keeping your curtains closed during the day. Close the curtains and windows on the side of the house that receives the sun during the day, as this will keep these rooms cooler. You can open windows elsewhere to let a breeze in, if there is one. Of course, your pedestal fan will help create its own breeze.

Loose, cool clothing is another good thing to remember, and cool showers and baths are perfect for helping you cool down. Being aware of the symptoms of dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke is vital, and it could help you or someone else avoid falling ill.

Working in hot weather

No one enjoys working in hot weather, especially when some people must work outside and have little respite from the sun. There is a section on the Health and Safety Executive website concerning outdoor working, and this has plenty of details on hot environments. It provides advice for employers on what they should do to make their employees as comfortable as possible when they work in hot environments.

Of course, a pedestal fan cannot be used outdoors, but it can make life more bearable when you work indoors. General common-sense measures for making workplaces more bearable may include using blinds or curtains to keep out the sun, and wear more comfortable clothing if you can. Hot weather at work never makes life easy, but if you can have a pedestal fan or two in the office or other environment – providing it is safe to do this – it can make all the difference.

Have you been injured by a pedestal fan?

Accidents and injuries involving these fans are rare. However, if you have been injured, it could be because a fan was faulty and it fell on you, or a part of the fan flew off when you switched it on. Defective equipment that leads to injury could create a chance to make a potential claim for compensation. If the product was not wired properly and caused you to suffer an electric shock, you could also have a chance to claim.

The best way to find out where you stand following an injury with a pedestal fan is to give our team a ring today. We’re working hard to provide you and others like you with an opportunity to benefit from no-obligation advice following all manner of accidents. It’s not always easy to tell whether someone else was to blame for an accident that left you with one or more injuries, which is why we are here to help.

Making a claim

It’s easier than you’d think too, because Accident Advice Helpline has a free enquiry line you can use on 0800 689 5659 whenever the need arises. Whichever way you call (you can even try the online test in just 30 seconds, if you prefer), you are assured of our utmost care and attention. Could you claim for injuries caused by a pedestal fan, whether you used it at home or at work? Find out the answers today by ringing our team and you’ll see how helpful we can be for you.