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Injury solicitors in Tarbolton

You might have heard about Accident Advice Helpline and you may have seen our adverts, but what separates us from the many other companies, many of whom have similar sounding names? In other words, what makes us the best option to find injury solicitors in Tarbolton?

Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to give you a look at some of the different services we offer.


At our most basic we’re an information resource. You can always go searching for information about personal injury law, but there isn’t always any guarantee that it’s worth reading. You might have stumbled upon a site about another country, for example, or you might be reading information which is out of date.

Our site is maintained by experts and contains the latest information about personal injury law.

You can look at how some of the most common types of injuries are treated such as traffic accidents and work place injuries. This means you can get information which is really relevant just to you.

A 30 second answer

One of the most popular features on our website is our free 30-second test™. This offers you the opportunity to find out almost instantly whether or not you have a good case how much you might be entitled do. Just answer a few short questions and the compensation calculator will give you an answer. It really is pretty simple and straightforward.

Great advice

We also have a 24 hour helpline which allows you to speak directly to one of our experts. He or she will spend time talking about your case and will give their opinion about whether or not you have a good chance of winning.

As well as that they can give you a more detailed indication as to the size of any compensation settlement. We do this by looking at the same criteria as the court will. We’ll assess the severity of the injury and any costs involved. For example, have you paid out anything in treatment or have you had to forfeit wages?

This is admittedly only a guide and we will not be able to be absolutely certain about how the court may look upon any claim, but it is a chance to give you something to shoot against.

Injury solicitors in Tarbolton

As well as advice we provide a great chance to actively seek out injury solicitors in Tarbolton who can help you with your case. We will select people based on their specific set of skills and experience and how these relate to your injury.

Best of all, our lawyers all offer a no win no fee service, so whatever happens you’ll only have to pay if you win.

To find out more about how we can help you find injury solicitors in Tarbolton, give us a call on 0800 689 5659. Alternatively, you could visit for more information.