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Personal injury solicitor in Swinton

Swinton is a town located in Greater Manchester, to the southwest of the River Irwell. For centuries, farming was the mainstay of the local economy but in the time of the industrial revolution, collieries were opened in the area, which fuelled cotton making and brickmaking. They both became very busy industries. By the mid 19th century, Swinton had become an important mill town and coal mining district with a newly constructed road and railway network.

Swinton Industrial School, which was visited by Charles Dickens was built by the Manchester Poor Law Union, who had the opinion that caring for and educating children was the way forward for a better life for future generations. It was built in 1843 and survived till the 1920’s. When it was demolished there were hundreds of rats beneath it, which took the local council workers many weeks to remove from the nearby streets and houses.

These days, because of good road links and its closeness to Manchester, it is very much a commuter town. It has its own shopping centre, Swinton Square, several parks, nightlife and play areas. The official residence of the Roman Catholic bishops of Salford, Wardley Hall, is located in Swinton.

Like anywhere else in the UK, sometimes accidents happen in the town. If you have been injured in one that was someone else’s fault, you might be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Swinton to help you claim compensation. Save yourself the trouble of searching and get in touch with us at Accident Advice Helpline. We can help no matter where you are in the country, so give us a call today.

Road traffic accidents in Swinton

Swinton was the site for the UK’s first purpose-built intercity highway, which was opened by George V in 1934. Now known as the A580, it is a major road that terminates in the town. Considering the number of busy roads, such as the Manchester Road and Worsley Road, that run through the town, the number of road traffic accidents in Swinton is not large. The collision map shows a few accidents, and some of them were serious, but compared to some areas, the roads of Swinton appear to be quite safe.

When accidents on the road do occur there is usually someone at fault. Most of them are caused by driver error and often they are at junctions and traffic islands. With most of them taking place in rush hour traffic, it can be the impatience of a driver that results in someone being injured when it was not their fault.

In this situation, it could be that the victim seeks a personal injury solicitor in Swinton for help to make a compensation claim. Many innocent victims are putt off proceeding because they think they will not be able to afford the legal fees if they lose. We use a conditional fee agreement to finance all the claims we handle.

Better known as no win no fee this means you do not have to find any money to get your claim started, and if it should prove to be unsuccessful, we will not send you a bill for our legal fees. You do not need to bother yourself over the costs of making a personal injury claim, just call us today to get your claim started.

Whiplash accident in Swinton

There are many people who suffer a whiplash accident in Swinton because it happens so easily. If your head is jolted in any way, it can damage the soft tissues in your neck and cause the sprain that is known as whiplash. It could be because of landing awkwardly after a fall, in an accident on the roads, you could fall from your cycle, or you could get this type of injury because something solid bangs into your head.

However it happens, if it was in an accident for which you were not to blame you may be entitled to compensation. If you want to know for certain if you qualify complete our 30-second test™. This handy tool can be filled in online or by phone. It asks a few questions about what happened and where you were injured, and then lets you know if you have a valid claim. If you do it will proceed to give you an estimate of the amount you could be awarded.

This can only ever be an estimate at this stage as there are so many different aspects that need to be considered. You may think a personal injury solicitor in Swinton could help you with this, but if you want the experts on your side just call us today.

Work accident in Swinton

It does not matter if you work in one of the retailers in Swinton, in one of the medical practices, at the local library or anywhere else, you have the same right to expect not to be injured in an accident at work. Workplaces should be safe and any apparent risks should be eradicated where possible. If a danger remains, it has to be clearly marked in plain language, which all employees will understand.

It is the legal duty of your employer to try to prevent a work accident in Swinton, and most employers take this matter very seriously. Sometimes however, accidents happen because of negligence and if this has happened to you, you may want to consider making a compensation claim. There are rules that have to apply to your situation to be able to make a claim, but generally, if the accident was not your fault if your injuries needed medical attention and you start your claim within three years of being hurt, your claim can proceed.

If you have any questions, or just want guidance, you should chat to our friendly advisors who will give you all the free claims advice you need. They are here waiting to take your call, so why not pick up that phone right now?

Slips, trips and falls in Swinton

If someone slips on a wet floor in a supermarket that should have been cleaned up and stock falls on them as they land, they could suffer some nasty injuries. If a flight of stairs is poorly lit and has no handrail, a fall from top to bottom could mean a few broken bones, if not worse. If someone trips over training wires and bangs their head on the corner of a piece of furniture as they fall, they could suffer a serious head injury. These are just a tiny sample of how slips, trips and falls in Swinton can happen, and how they are not always as minor as most of them are.

Many of these types of accidents could be prevented if those responsible ensured that the places they look after are safe. If you have been injured in a slip trip or fall accident that could have been avoided, call us today to discuss making a compensation claim. It only takes one phone to get your claim off the ground, if you ring 0800 689 5659.