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Injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary

Accident Advice Helpline is one of the largest personal injury firms in the country with in-house lawyers based in almost every town. This makes it the ideal option for finding injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary and elsewhere.

Who are we

Accident Advice Helpline first appeared in 2000. Its aim was very simple – to make life easier for anyone looking to make a personal injury claim. The way we did this was to set up a  24-hour helpline which people could call whenever they liked.

We stationed experts in personal injury law on the phone to help answer any questions people had. Among the services we offered was the opportunity to find top class injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary who could help people claim the compensation to which they were entitled. It was a crucial service which dramatically reduced the risks of making any claims and reopened the legal system to countless people around the country.

Because legal aid had been removed from personal injury claims in 1997 it became extremely difficult for anyone to make a claim. They needed a certain amount of money at their disposal together with the confidence that they would win the case.

Remember, when you’ve been injured badly there’s a fair chance that you’re not feeling quite as confident or independent as once may have been the case. As a result, at Accident Advice Helpline, we provided the support you were lacking, all without charging you anything.

When it came to finding injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary, we can also be that. This time our service comes with another crucial guarantee. We call it no win no fee and it makes a promise that no one should pay legal fees if they haven’t won their case.

How we work

So, the first step on the way to finding injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary is to give our team a call. They can take you through the details of your case and offer you any advice that might help you out.

One of the things we can help you with is identifying what information or evidence you might gather to help support your claims. In those circumstances when there is a dispute about what happened, the courts will find in favour of whichever party can show the most compelling evidence.

Finding injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary

When we help you find a lawyer we will make our selection based on who we think will be best for your case. They will then handle everything and provide constant updates about how the case is proceeding. All you have to do is sit and wait to find out what happens.

So, to find out more about finding injury solicitors in Wisbech St. Mary, give us a call on 0800 689 5659.

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