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Injury solicitors in Strand

making a claim for a personal injury following an accident is a matter of personal choice. A surprisingly high number of people never make a claim, even though they have a legal right to. This is often because they simply cannot face what they perceive to be a long and drawn out process.  If you are one of these people then making some wise initial decisions can help your journey go as easily as possible. The most important thing is employing the services of good injury solicitors in Strand. Whoever you choose they will safeguard your interests and will also be able to provide you with information as to what you need to provide them with to help them with your case.

Do I have to have witnesses: Yes or no?

One of the first things any of the injury solicitors in Strand will have to ask is whether you have a witness of the incident.  Sadly many people who suffer an accident do not think of this at the time, and also many people are reluctant to come forward as a witness in support of a claim. You do not need to have a witness to pursue a claim but even the best lawyer in the business will struggle to present a strong case if there is no evidence to support your statement of events. Fortunately if you have not collected witness information at the time of the event there are alternatives that may be able to help you with your case.

Injury solicitors in Strand: Accepted alternatives

The use of CCTV footage will help support your claim if the accident happened in a public place or anywhere where security cameras have been installed. If you were involved in a motoring accident the police, by law, should have been called so there will be an incident report filed. This will give the attending officers an opinion of the event and can also be used to enforce your claim. Sadly the other party may not be a reliable witness unless they have already admitted blame.

If the accident occurred at work then it should have been recorded in the accident at work book under the guidance of health and safety; the report will have been countersigned by a manager or health and safety representative: you may even have had a union representative present and these signatures will all help support your account of the event.

You still have every entitlement to make a claim through your chosen injury solicitors in Strand whether you have witnesses or not. You do not need to discuss anything with your witnesses yourself as this will all be handled by your solicitor. If you still feel unsure about whether you should be making a claim or not then contact an experienced company such as Accident Advice Helpline who are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week on 0800 689 5659.

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