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Personal injury solicitor in Rochdale

Rochdale is a town situated in Greater Manchester. In the 1940’s it became well known as the birthplace of Gracie Fields, a famous wartime singer. It was also the home of the Co-Operative Society, as we know it today. Started as a venture between 28 local residents in 1844, it now has over a billion members worldwide.

Rochdale has excellent transport links with roads, buses, trains and canals. It also as many attractions, sights and landmarks. You can have a try at karting, ten-pin bowling or maybe you would like to go roller-skating. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Rochdale, for all ages and tastes.

Unfortunately, its economy has been in decline for several years, and as a report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows, it is one of the towns suffering most from the fall out of the recession. In spite of the hardship, Rochdale people are still said to be some of the friendliest and most welcoming to visitors in all of the UK.

If you live in Rochdale and are struggling with finances perhaps already being bad, you might think it is too expensive to ask a personal injury solicitor in Rochdale to help you make a compensation claim. But you would be wrong. Just give Accident Advice Helpline a call today because you don’t need any money to start your claim with us. We operate a no win no fee agreement so that we know all innocent accident victims can afford the access to the professional legal assistance they need.

Road traffic accidents in Rochdale

With such a high volume of traffic in Rochdale, it is not surprising that occasionally accidents to occur. Some of the worst roads for road traffic accidents in Rochdale include Manchester Road, St Marys Gate, Halifax Road, Drake Street, John Street and Whitworth Road. These are certainly not the only roads where accidents occur, but they do see more than their fair share of crashes.

Steps are being taken to make these roads safer, but of course what it really needs is drivers to take more care. Although it is against the law, you still see drivers using mobile phones at the wheel. Other disturbances such as dealing with children, tuning the radio or trying to eat a sandwich can be all it takes for the driver to become distracted. It only takes a couple of seconds of looking the wrong way to cause an accident, and for someone to be injured through no fault of their own.

We have spent the past 16 years helping drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorbike riders and pedestrians who have been harmed in an accident for which they were not to blame. Our years of hands-on, practical experience has allowed us to streamline the processes, so we can deal with your claim in a simple, efficient and stress-free manner. Call us today and we’ll start work on your claim immediately.

Whiplash accident in Rochdale

Even at low speeds, car crashes can result in a painful injury. The most common of these is known as whiplash, which is a sprain of the soft tissues around the neck, upper back and shoulders. It sometimes takes up to 12 hours for symptoms to show, and can cause pain, stiffness, a loss of movement and headaches.

There’s not much you can do for whiplash, and it usually gets better on its own. However, you should always be checked by a medical professional if you suspect a whiplash injury, as it could be masking something more sinister. For two thirds of accident victims, the injury will self-heal in two weeks or up to two months, but for an unlucky 20 per cent, they will continue to experience symptoms after a year and beyond.

Whiplash, whether short or long lived, can be incredibly debilitating. The pain and loss of movement can mean you find it difficult to carry out tasks that you normally do every day. Taking a shower, driving, working or looking after your children can all suddenly become painful and unpleasant for you. Why should you suffer in this way when the accident was not your fault?

If you are in this situation there is no need to spend hours trying to find a personal injury solicitor in Rochdale. We are the nation’s experts in personal injury claims, and are waiting to help you with your claim following your whiplash accident in Rochdale. Just get in touch with us today and see how easy making a claim can be.

Work accident in Rochdale

Around 72,000 people work in jobs in Rochdale. A few of these will commute into the town from the surrounding areas, but the vast majority live in the town itself. Manufacturing is a major industry in the town, with 15 per cent of the jobs found in this sector; higher than both the national average and the average for the north west.

Because people in manufacturing often deal with heavy machinery, the risk of a serious accident at work is high. Other big industries in Rochdale include retail (18 per cent), education (11 per cent) and health (11 per cent), which although seen as relatively low risk professions, can still be susceptible to unexpected accidents. In fact, over 40 serious accidents a year are reported by businesses in the town, although many more minor injuries occur which do not need to be reported.

All employers, not matter what the industry, need to ensure they provide a safe, healthy workplace for their employees. Rochdale Borough Council provide help and support on health and safety at work, and carry out inspections of some of the businesses in the area.

Accidents should be reported to the council and to the Health and Safety Executive if:

  • The accident is fatal
  • There are fractures unless they are to fingers, thumbs or toes
  • Sight is affected
  • There is injury to the head or internal organs
  • There are serious burns covering more than 10% of the body
  • The victim is in a coma
  • An occupational disease has been diagnosed
  • An injury causes an employee to need more than 7 days off work

It is an employer’s responsibility to make the report, but if you have any doubt they have done so, you should report it yourself.

Our solicitors are amongst the finest in the country and have much experience in dealing with claims for accidents at work. Have a no-obligation chat with us today, and find out how we can assist you with your claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Rochdale

You may be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Rochdale to help you make a claim following injury in a slip, trip or fall accident. This type of accident happens very easily, and in most cases not too much damage is done. There are times, however, when serious injuries can result from slips, trips and falls in Rochdale, and victim’s lives are changed forever.

Tripping over trailing wires, slipping on a spillage that should have been cleaned up, or falling over an obstacle that should not have been there; all of these accidents were completely avoidable if someone else was being more diligent. Why should you suffer in silence when someone else was responsible for your injury?

If this has happened to you, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim. To find out if you are eligible, and how much you could be awarded, why not take our 30-second test™? This simple calculator asks just four simple questions, and can then tell you whether you qualify for compensation or not, and a rough idea of how much your claim could be worth.

Our claims calculator is available here on the website for you to complete yourself, or you can give us a call and our friendly advisors will do it for you. The sooner you start the claims process, the greater the chance of a successful outcome, so get in touch today and we’ll get to work immediately.

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