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Personal injury solicitor in Castle Douglas

The town of Castle Douglas sits on the shores of Carlingwark Loch in the Scottish County of Dumfries and Galloway. It was founded in 1792 by a well-to-do descendant of the Douglas family which goes some way to explaining the town’s name.

As for the ‘Castle’ part of the town’s name; that is not clearly explained. There is no castle in the town itself. However, Threave Castle can be found nearby on a lone island in the middle of the River Dee.

The regional market town of Castle Douglas is something of a tourist destination as visitors come here to stay in the town and use it as a base for exploring the rest of the area. In addition to the many hotels to be found here there is also a camping and caravan park beside the loch.

King Street is the principal shopping street in Castle Douglas, and as well as a wide array of shops there are also many pubs and restaurants.

Castle Douglas has been awarded the title of Scotland’s Food Town, and accordingly there are something like 50 food outlets to be found here. The town also accommodates a livestock market known as “Wallet’s Mart.” It received a royal visit from Queen Elizabeth in July 2010.

To the west of the town, you will find Threave Gardens. It is the creation of students from the NTS School of Heritage Gardening. The gardens are beautifully landscaped and contain many individual small gardens which have been designed to showcase the various gardening styles, including a rockery, a walled garden, and a rose garden.

At the heart of the grounds can be found Threave House, a Scottish baronial house which was designed in 1871. A number of the rooms within the house retain their 1930s furniture and design.

As with any buzzing tourist town, visitors get injured from time to time in accidents that befall them. When they do they often turn to Accident Advice Helpline to help them to find the right personal injury solicitor in Castle Douglas to assist them with registering their claims.

If you’ve been injured as a tourist visiting Castle Douglas in the past three years, please call us for free advice. Why not give us a call right now?

Road traffic accidents in Castle Douglas

Many of the road traffic accidents in Castle Douglas involve visitors. It’s not unusual of course. Not only are visitors unfamiliar with the road system here in the town, but they often get distracted by the sights and sounds of a new environment.

According to statistics issued by the government, there were 10,833 injuries caused by road traffic accidents in Scotland in 2016. If you have been injured because of the actions or inactions of another driver, you ought to be financially compensated.

If you talk to us here at Accident Advice Helpline, we will not only find you a top personal injury solicitor in Castle Douglas or wherever, but that solicitor will be one that works on a no win no fee basis, as do all of the solicitors we work with.

In order to stand a good chance of qualifying for personal injury compensation, your injury must have been sustained in the past three years. Someone else must be a least partly to blame for the accident or incident, and your injury must be one for which you had to be given medical treatment. If this applies to you, you should be making a claim.

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The 30-second test™ is an automatic device that will indicate whether you have what appears to be a valid claim, and if you do, it will then give you an estimate of how much compensation that claim might win for you. It’s simple to take and does not commit you to proceeding unless you wish to do so.

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Whiplash accident in Castle Douglas

A number of people experience a whiplash accident in Castle Douglas when they are simply sitting in a stationary vehicle either parked or perhaps waiting at a set of traffic lights. If the driver of another vehicle coming up behind you either takes his or her eyes off the road, or has a momentary lapse of concentration, he/she can crash into the rear of your car.

The impact of the crash can cause your head to rock backwards and forwards uncontrollably. Your body is held in check by the seatbelt you should be wearing, but there is no restraint on your head. The violent jerking action causes your head to go beyond its normal travel parameters thereby straining the ligaments muscles and tendons in your neck.

A correctly positioned headrest can minimise the severity of a whiplash injury but rarely prevents it altogether.

Whiplash is one of those injuries that doesn’t always appear immediately. In most cases it manifests itself overnight as the inflammation in the neck is allowed to build up when you are relatively motionless during a night’s sleep.

If you do suffer a delayed whiplash injury, it’s important to go and see your doctor at the earliest opportunity. He/she can give you a professional medical diagnosis, recommend a course of physiotherapy, and give you pain medication to help manage any discomfort as you exercise your injured neck.

Finding a good personal injury solicitor in Castle Douglas or elsewhere is made much easier when you use the services we offer here at Accident Advice Helpline. If you call us today, we can set about finding that solicitor for you without further ado.

Work accident in Castle Douglas

A spinal injury is a common result of a work accident in Castle Douglas for people who work in manual handling jobs. A simple lift can easily result in you hurting your back if you have not been trained to lift loads correctly.

All employers have a duty of responsibility regarding the health and safety of their employees. If your employer has failed to meet this duty by not preparing you correctly for the work you are expected to carry out, you can sue that employer for financial compensation.

Deciding to go up against your employer can sometimes seem a little daunting. You must, however, bear in mind the fact that all employers here in the UK have to have employee liability insurance in place. It is this insurance that kicks in to fund any financial compensation awards that might be made against an employer.

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