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Injury solicitor in Uddington

If you need an injury solicitor in Uddington it’s best to search nationwide. Don’t limit yourself to local solicitors when the experts, Accident Advice Helpline, have a nationwide reach and can give you the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Injury solicitor in Uddington and forklift trucks

It’s an age-old story. Accidents with forklift trucks can cause injuries that take limbs, mental capacity and even lives. These accidents need to be prevented and this can be done in a number of ways.

Preventative measures include ensuring that seatbelts are in good working order, and that employees are trained in using forklift trucks. It should never just be assumed that employees know that they should wear a seatbelt when using a forklift truck – and since around 25 percent of accidents linked to forklift trucks are from them tipping over, a seatbelt is essential. Wearing a seatbelt will prevent the driver from being thrown out and then crushed as the truck tips over. Just because it is driven in a place of work does not make the vehicle any less dangerous – it is just like a car, and just as with a car, it is important to wear a seatbelt for safety.

It will also be necessary for the manager to check that the employee using the vehicle has the right driving licence for the job. So many times accidents happen because people are asked to do a job they are not qualified for. This is not right, and it should not happen.

Overloading is another major problem when it comes to forklift trucks. In order to get the job done quicker, sometimes forklifts are overloaded. It can cause tipping and instability issues. And it’s not just dangerous for the drivers either – workers in the area can suffer terrible crushing injuries if a load falls onto them.

There should be a site speed limit, which is clearly signposted and communicated to every employee. It is important that this limit is kept to at all times. It is also important that only one person is ever riding on the forklift at any time. It is unsafe to have more than one person on board.

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For any kind of workplace injury, including those caused by forklift trucks, that weren’t your fault, contact Accident Advice Helpline straight away. Our expert service even stretches to Scotland, where we work in partnership with some of the country’s best solicitors, so you are not dependent on the services of a local injury solicitor in Uddington.

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