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A construction site in any part of the UK, including Pontarddulais, is inevitably going to involve someone having to work at a height. Falling from a height rarely results in a bit of a bump on the head and bruises. If you fall from a long way up and come to rest on a hard surface then the damage to the human body can be significant. Statistics have shown that the majority of fatal and serious injuries that are suffered on UK construction sites are inflicted by a fall from a height.

Have you suffered an injury during a fall from a height on a construction site? Perhaps a personal injury solicitor in Pontarddulais could help you with a personal injury claim for compensation. We are a legal firm called Accident Advice Helpline and we may be able to help you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

If it can be shown that the accident was the fault of your employer, we here at Accident Advice Helpline will try to negotiate a fair compensation sum for your injuries.

Your personal injury solicitor is firstly going to set out to show that your employer was responsible for your accident. This is called establishing liability.

A personal injury solicitor in Pontarddulais can establish liability in construction site claims

Your personal injury solicitor in Pontarddulais will probably start off the procedure of establishing liability by finding out if a risk assessment was in place for the task that you were carrying out.

An employer should carry out a thorough risk assessment of all the hazards that could be associated with working at a height. This is often done by consulting the employees themselves and looking at the accident book. It should also consider any ‘near misses’ that have happened in the past. Following the risk assessment a comprehensive list of safety procedures can be put in place.

The best procedure is to limit the amount of work that has to be done at a height. The fewer hours that an employee spends working at a height, the lower the probability of an accident occurring. So, for example, if an employee was fitting a structure, such as a chimney flu, it would be best to assemble the flu at ground level and then lift it into position.

The next set of precautions should limit the distance that an employee can fall. If you only fall a short distance then you are less likely to be badly injured. Some employers achieve this by erecting a scaffold platform with double guard rails and toe boards. A worker may fall off a roof onto scaffolding – which is not a very great distance. Other employers use harnesses or safety nets.

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