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Personal injury solicitor in Kirkby

Originally part of Lancashire, Kirkby is now situated in the Borough of Knowsley in Merseyside. Just six miles outside of Liverpool, Kirkby has close ties to the city. Despite a decrease in the population of the town, Kirkby has undergone significant redevelopment throughout the 20th century, and today is a popular place to live and work.

With new leisure and retail venues in the town, there are a significant number of local attractions. Although manufacturing is still a thriving industry in the area, a considerable number of factories have been replaced by retail and service businesses, catering to the local residents as well as the visitors who choose to spend time here.

Kirkby has a number of local attractions, including the popular Acorn Farm, so there’s plenty to entertain the tourists who choose to stay here. With easy transport links to Liverpool and surrounding areas, Kirby is a popular base from which to explore other parts of the North West.

Whilst the vast majority of the local population consider Kirkby to be a safe place to live, accidents still occur in the area. Like most towns in the United Kingdom, the volume of visitors and residents passing through the town centre means the occasional accident is to be expected, which can sometimes leave innocent victims hurt and out of pocket.

Although some accidents are unavoidable, it can still be extremely frustrating when you suffer an injury. Perhaps most frustrating are accidents which have been caused by the negligence, recklessness or dangerous conduct of another party. When someone isn’t paying attention to their surroundings, for example, they could be responsible for an unnecessary accident.

In this situation, you may feel you want to take action; and you can. If the person responsible for the accident can be identified, you could consider making a claim for compensation against them. Although financial compensation can’t help you to recover any quicker, it can provide solace in the aftermath of an accident. If your injuries have had an impact on your finances, for example, compensation can be of practical use in the weeks and months following the incident.

However, you don’t need to rely on a personal injury solicitor in Kirkby in order to pursue your claim. Finding a good law firm in Kirkby, Liverpool or Merseyside can take time, and you can’t always be sure that they have the expertise that you need. As a nationwide law firm, Accident Advice Helpline are well-equipped to assist residents of Kirkby and the surrounding areas, and have some of the best solicitors in the whole UK already working on our team.

If you’ve sustained injuries which weren’t your fault and you’re thinking of taking legal action, contact us at Accident Advice Helpline now.

Road traffic accidents in Kirkby

With the M57 and M58 running near to Kirkby, it’s easy to access the area from almost any direction. Similarly, the A59, A580 and Dunnings Bridge Road can all be used to access Liverpool or the coast. Despite having good local carriageways, people can still fall victim to road traffic accidents in Kirkby.

The A683, leading from the M6 to Kirkby, is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the area, for example, and many people sustain injuries as a result of accidents on this road. Similarly, the roundabout at the junction of A57 and the M57 is known to be particularly dangerous. Although this junction falls within the boundary of Knowsley, its close proximity to Kirkby means that many local residents are affected when accidents occur on this stretch of road.

When road traffic accidents occur, there’s no way to predict how badly people will be hurt. Whilst high speed crashes may result in more serious injuries, this isn’t always the case. Even an accident which occurs at a relatively low speed could result in significant injuries.

Similarly, people may not always be aware of how badly they’ve been hurt following a road traffic accident. Sometimes, injuries aren’t apparent straight away and the adrenaline released following the crash may mask some of the initial pain. Due to this, it’s important to seek medical help following a road traffic accident, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously hurt.

Once you’ve received the treatment you need, you may begin to think about making an injury claim. Whilst you needn’t rush into taking legal action, many claimants prefer to seek legal help as quickly as possible, and we’re ready to help you do so. If you’ve suffered harm in this way and you’d like to find out more about obtaining compensation, why not get in touch with us? Simply contact Accident Advice Helpline and our personal injury advisers will be on hand to provide any help you need.

Whiplash accident in Kirkby

Even though numerous people experience whiplash as a result of accidents in the area, they don’t always pursue a claim. In fact, the majority of people who have suffered whiplash in the UK don’t take legal action afterwards. Unfortunately, this means that a significant amount of compensation goes unclaimed each year.

If you’ve suffered a whiplash accident in Kirkby and you weren’t at fault, why miss out on your chance to obtain compensation? Although you may be heading towards a full recovery, this doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve been through.

Remember: whiplash doesn’t only occur as a result of road traffic accidents. Any accident can give rise to whiplash-related injuries, particularly if an impact is involved. Even travelling on public transport can cause a whiplash injury in some cases. If you’re travelling by train, for example, and the carriage is stopped suddenly, this could be enough to affect your neck and whiplash may occur.

If you sustain whiplash in addition to other injuries, it’s important to make sure that all of your injuries are included in your claim. Whilst your other injuries may have been more serious, this doesn’t negate the impact that whiplash has had on you as well. By including it in your claim, you can ensure that you receive an appropriate and fair amount of compensation.

If you’ve decided to take legal action, you must ensure you have the right legal support behind you to give your claim the very best chance of success. Having someone working on your behalf takes the stress out of taking legal action and it means that you can focus on getting better, rather than dealing with your claim.

Instead of waiting for a personal injury solicitor in Kirkby to take action, contact Accident Advice Helpline today. We’ll provide you with free no-obligation advice, which means you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with your claim.

Why risk missing out? Call Accident Advice Helpline now and we’ll do everything we can to help you to obtain compensation for your whiplash injury.

Slips, trips and falls in Kirkby

When people make a compensation claim following a slip, trip or fall, it’s normally due to an accident which has occurred in a public environment. Shopping centres, supermarkets and even pavements are common locations for unexpected falls, many of which could have been avoided if someone was doing their job properly.

Slips, trips and falls can occur in other types of environments, however. You could slip whilst in your own home, trip whilst on public land or even fall when you’re in a friend’s property. In many cases, there is nobody really to blame for the accident; it was simply a momentary lapse of concentration or a random loss of balance.

However, if someone else was the cause of your slips, trips and falls in Kirkby, you could be eligible to obtain compensation, regardless of where the incident occurred. If a danger went un-signposted, a spillage went un-mopped or clutter went un-cleared up and you fell as a result, you shouldn’t blame yourself for your injury. If someone else took more care, you wouldn’t have fallen and suffered an injury.

In this situation, it’s not fair that you have to shoulder the burden of your recovery by yourself. You may be left out of pocket due to loss of earnings, might have to pay for prescriptions or specialise treatment, and could need to employ someone to help around the house while you recover. If this sounds familiar, you can and should claim compensation to help with your situation.

Providing you obtained medical help for your injuries and the incident occurred within the last three years, you stand a fair being able to make a successful claim. With our expert solicitors on your side, your chances are even greater. To get started now, call us at Accident Advice Helpline.

Work accident in Kirkby

When accidents occur in the workplace, the injuries you sustain could affect your ability to perform your role in the future. If your role involves physical work, for example, any type of injury could prevent you from returning from work in the short-term. Alternatively, if you suffer a hand or wrist injury and your job involves using a computer, you may find that you’re unable to return to work until the injury has fully healed.

In some instances, a serious injury may even mean that you’re unable to return to work at all. This can obviously have devastating consequences for the people affected. As well as having an impact on your physical health, these types of injuries can have an emotional and financial impact as well.

With the local council encouraging people to find work in the Knowsley region, workplace health and safety is more important than ever. Providing employers take their obligations seriously, the rate of workplace accidents can be reduced.

If you’ve already been involved in a work accident in Kirkby, however, you may already be thinking about making a claim. If you’ve been planning to contact a personal injury solicitor in Kirkby, why not get in touch with us instead? We’ll provide all the help you need in order to make a claim against your employer. Just contact Accident Advice Helpline and have a chat with our friendly advisors.

Taking no win no fee legal action

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