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Personal injury solicitor in Bangor

The city of Bangor is one of the smallest cities in the UK today, and the oldest city in Wales. Up on the northern coast, adjacent to the isle of Anglesey, Bangor is home to around 19,000 people, although that population swells with the addition of 10,000 students during term time at the university.

The bustling high street of Bangor is overshadowed by the towering image of Bangor Mountain, so much so that some parts of the city get no direct sunlight at all during the winter time. The famous Menai Suspension Bridge, first constructed in 1826, connects Bangor and the rest of Gwynedd to the island of Anglesey across the Menai Straits.

Despite being located in the most Welsh-speaking county in Wales, Bangor is somewhat more Anglicised than the rest of Gwynedd. Only around half of the residents claimed to speak fluent Welsh, according to the last census, and in day to day life, English is used more prominently than in other towns and villages around the county. This is reflective of the cosmopolitan nature of Bangor, and its attraction to incomers from England and other places.

From the attractive coastline of the Menai Straits to the heady heights of the peaks in the Snowdonia National Park, Bangor is a great place to live, work and visit. With so many people in a relatively small city, the chances of an unexpected accident are relatively high. And when an innocent party is injured as a result, that’s where we step in to help.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we stand up for the little guy. We don’t care if it’s a person, a business or some other entity that you’re fighting; if someone has hurt you and it wasn’t your fault, we’re ready to take legal action on your behalf. As one of the largest law firms in the UK, we have some of the best solicitors in the business on our team, so you can be sure of the best chance of getting a positive outcome.

If you’re already looking for a personal injury solicitor in Bangor, you’ve come to the right place. We have the experience, expertise and tenacity to win maximum compensation on your behalf. Give us a call today, and find out for yourself just how easy it can be to secure professional legal representation.

Road traffic accident in Bangor

Bangor is a busy little city, and accidents on the road can happen from time to time. Congestion during busy periods can heighten the likelihood of minor shunts, and with pedestrians and cyclists thrown into the mix, injuries are a definite risk.

Outside of the city, some of the most dangerous roads in north Wales are very nearby. The A5, running from Bangor to Chirk, is well known as an accident blackspot, having seen 33 serious crashes over the past two years. The A539 through Ruabon is another dangerous road, playing host to nine bad accidents in the same time period. Improvements are being made, however, such as the A55 Bangor to Holyhead road, which has been converted into a dual carriageway and has seen a reduction in accidents as a result.

In general, roads in Wales carry a higher accident risk than in other areas, mostly because of the lack of motorways in the country. According to the Road Safety Foundation, you are eight times more likely to have a bad accident on a single carriageway A road than on a motorway, because the margin for human error is so very small.

Overall there are more than 4,000 reported road accidents in which someone got hurt in Wales every year. Last year there were almost 7,000 casualties, more than 1,000 of whom were seriously injured and just over 100 were killed. These figures are improving year on year, but there is still much work to be done to reduce these casualties.

An awful lot of these accidents are caused by driver error, and often it doesn’t matter how carefully you approach your use of the road, other people’s mistakes can still land you in trouble. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Bangor, Accident Advice Helpline are here to help. Our expert solicitors will build a case on your behalf, and will fight to secure a level of compensation that reflects the severity of your injuries.

Talk to us about claiming compensation following your accident, and see just how easy it can be.

Whiplash accident in Bangor

The term whiplash is used to describe a sprain in the neck, shoulders and upper back area, caused by a ‘whipping’ of the head as would occur in an unexpected impact. The rapid motion of the head causes the delicate tendons and ligaments that support it to become stretched and over extended, causing pain, stiffness and loss of movement.

Vehicle accidents, even at low speeds, carry a high risk of incurring whiplash. This is because the body is restrained by the seatbelt, causing the full force of the impact to be transferred to the head. Research has shown that whiplash can be suffered even in shunts at just five miles per hour, making it the most common personal injury we deal with here at Accident Advice Helpline.

If you’ve been involved in a whiplash accident in Bangor, and someone else was to blame, why not get in touch with us for help? Proving the extent of a whiplash injury can be tricky, but with our expert solicitors on the case, you can be confident we’ll secure what you deserve. Don’t waste your time searching for a personal injury solicitor in Bangor; talk to us first and get the nation’s specialists on your side.

Work accident in Bangor

Many of the job roles in Bangor are centred around the services and retail industry, catering to the residents and visitors to the city. The University is a major employer, as are the three secondary schools, Coleg Menai and a number of primary and infant schools.

Two of Wales’s largest employers are based in Bangor, one of which is a construction company and the other a Welsh slate supplier. These provide a high proportion of non-educational job roles, along with the local hospital, Ysbyty Gwynedd, which employs almost 17,000 people.

Although most of these are not traditionally seen as risky industries to work in, any job can present hazards if proper health and safety is not employed. Employers in any business must ensure appropriate measures are taken to ensure employee safety, including risk assessments, adequate training and suitable protective equipment.

To support employers in this, the North West Wales Health and Safety Group (NWWHSG) offers talks, guidance and advice to all businesses in the area. Wales First Aid also provides training in Bangor, Barmouth, Caernarfon and Porthmadog to help employers stay abreast of the latest guidance and legislation.

With so much support available, there really is no excuse for poor health and safety practices in the workplace. If an accident does occur, and the employer has not done enough to prevent it, the employee concerned has the right to seek compensation for their injuries. If you’ve been injured in a work accident in Bangor, contact our discreet and understanding telephone advisors to discuss your next steps.

Slips, trips and falls in Bangor

We deal with hundreds of people from Bangor who have suffered a slip, trip or fall that could and should have been avoided. Wet floors, poorly maintained walkways and trip hazards can all add up to disastrous consequences, and consequences that should not be suffered by innocent victims.

When we lose our balance and fall, the natural reaction is to put out a hand to break our fall. Unfortunately, that can lead to broken bones, cuts and bruises and worse. Falls from height are the biggest cause of serious injury and fatalities in the UK today, and even a simple trip can be catastrophic for the person involved.

Those who operate a public area have a responsibility to ensure the public can move around it safely and without excessive risk. If you’ve been hurt in any slips, trips or falls in Bangor because someone put you in danger, you have a right to claim compensation for your injuries. Call our expert advisors today, and find out what your rights are following your accident

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We operate all our claims on a no win no fee basis, which means there is nothing to pay in order to get your claim started. We believe that this is important, so that every victim of a non-fault accident can access the legal advice they need, no matter what their financial situation.

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