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Persona injury solicitor in Cambridge

Cambridge is famous for its renowned university, established in 1209 and considered to be one of the top five in the world. The university buildings dominate the skyline of the city, together with the well-known Addenbrookes Hospital. The city is also famous for the annual boat race against Oxford University; Cambridge has won more of the races to date, but only by two.

With around 124,000 permanent residents, plus the addition of thousands of students during term time, Cambridge is a busy city in which to live and work. As with any such densely populated area, the chances of an accident happening are high, which can lead some residents to search for a personal injury solicitor in Cambridge to help them make a compensation claim.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we specialise in pursuing personal injury claims for our clients. Whether you’ve been injured on the road, slipped over in a public place or have had an accident at work, we are the legal expertise you need to get things back on track. With our expert solicitors on your side, you’re sure to enjoy a positive outcome. Call us today to find out more, and bring justice to an unfair situation.

Cycling accidents in Cambridge

Many students and commuters use a bicycle as their main form of transport in Cambridge. In fact, according to the local cycling group, more than 50 per cent of people use a bike at least once a week, and 31.9 per cent of people who live in Cambridge commute by bike, making this the city with the highest level of cycling of anywhere in the UK.

With such high levels of bike use, it’s understandable that cycling accidents in Cambridge are more frequent than in many other places in the UK. Each year, around 700 people are injured on bikes in the city, with around ten per cent classed as seriously injured.

The A1304 Outer Ring Road is by far the most dangerous for cyclists in Cambridge, with 160 accidents taking place here in just a year, 62 of which occurred on the roundabout. With adult cyclists involved in collisions with cars, police have found the car driver to be solely at fault in around 60 – 79 per cent of these cases, and the cyclist to be to blame only around 17 per cent of the time.

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident in Cambridge, and you feel someone else was to blame, we are here to help. With our expert advice and legal representation on your side, you’ll be able to claim back valuable compensation to speed your recovery. Call our team today to find out more about making a claim following your cycling accident.

Other road traffic accidents in Cambridge

Accidents on the roads involving cyclists are not the only type of road traffic accidents in Cambridge. What with the development of the new housing estates to the north of the city, and the major M11 motorway running close by, the risk of accidents on the road is rife both within the urban area and outside.

Many of the most serious accidents on the roads in Cambridge happen on A roads, the most dangerous of all being the A14. In just five days, three people lost their lives on this road earlier this year, and over the past four years there have been 65 serious accidents with 11 more lives lost. In the city itself, accidents on 30 mph roads still happen too, with 12 accidents recorded along the A1307 in the past 12 months.

With so many cars on the road, accidents during rush hour can be very common occurrences. Research found that Cambridge suffers from high levels of congestion, ranking as the 13th most congested city in the UK. Rush hour travellers spend an average of 26 hours being delayed in traffic across the city, leading to frustration, irritation and lapses in concentration.

All this could end in a devastating accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, maybe you’re already searching for a personal injury solicitor in Cambridge. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, were ready to assist you, and to help you decide if you are eligible. To determine your eligibility, we will consider these main questions:

  • You have been involved in a road traffic accident that was the fault of some else
  • You were injured in the accident
  • Your injuries needed medical treatment
  • The accident happened within the last three years

There are sometimes exceptions to the rule, so whether you’re sure if you fit or not, we’re here to help. Call our expert advisors today and explain your situation to them; they will let you know if you are eligible and, if you wish, can help you start the claims process today.

Whiplash accidents in Cambridge

With so much slow-moving traffic, whiplash accidents in Cambridge are relatively common. Research has shown that, even at speeds of five miles per hour, whiplash injury is a real and present danger in all modern cars. The combination of safer vehicle engineering and the widespread use of seatbelts means that the majority of people involved in a road collision are at risk of a whiplash injury.

Whiplash affects the head, neck and shoulders, and is a result of the rapid movement of the head in an unexpected direction. Symptoms may take several hours or even a day or more to show, and can be extremely painful, limiting movement and affecting quality of life.

As a result, many people are looking to make a compensation claim following a whiplash accident in Cambridge, and quite rightly so. Whiplash often clears up within a few weeks, but in around one in four cases is persists for a year or even more. This can mean the person is unable to work, or that they miss out on the quality of life they had before.

In these situations, isn’t it right that the victim should seek compensation for their injuries? After all, they did nothing wrong except being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If this is the case with your whiplash injury, Accident Advice Helpline are here to help you now.

Our highly experienced personal injury solicitors are ready and waiting to put your case together on your behalf. Whiplash can be difficult to assess and to prove, but with our many years of experience on your side, you can be sure you’ve got a great team working on your behalf.

We’ll do our best to obtain the maximum pay-out for your injuries, giving you a valuable financial cushion while you focus on your recovery. Don’t let the guilty party get away with causing you pain, distress and inconvenience; talk to our advisors today and see just how easy it can be to make a whiplash claim.

Accidents at work in Cambridge

There are in excess of 700,000 people in Cambridge who are economically active; that is, either employed or self-employed. Of these, more than 40 per cent are educated to a higher education standard, which is more than twice the national average.

Around 682,000 people work in Cambridge, many from the local area but some commuting into the area for their jobs. The largest employment sectors include retail, administration as well as health and social work, although manufacturing employs around one in ten workers as well.

HSE state that health and social work is one of the highest areas for work related illnesses and injuries, and manufacturing reports a high number of accidents each year. The truth is, no matter what industry you are employed in in Cambridge, there is always the chance of an accident happening.

In terms of office accidents in Cambridge, a local newspaper cites some of the funnier ones (including being attacked by the office cat) proving that no matter where you work, there’s always a risk of a random accident occurring. When these are just bad luck, there’s not much you can do, but if you think you’ve suffered because of accidents at work in Cambridge because your emplouer let you down, it’s time to seek a claim.

Accident Advice Helpline have helped thousands of people in and around Cambridge to seek compensation following an unexpected accident at work. Our solicitors are experts in their field, and are well placed to help you present a case against your employer if you feel you were put at unnecessary risk.

As with all our cases, our accident at work claims are all treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, so that you can pursue your claim without worrying about what others think. Most of our claimants never even need to go to court, so talk to us today about making a claim for a workplace accident, and we’ll be happy to help.

Slips, trips and falls in Cambridge

Slips, trips and falls are the single biggest cause of accidental injury in the UK today. Sometimes they are just bad luck, but once in a while they are actually caused by someone else’s negligence.

This might be because nobody bothered to clear up a spillage, or an obstruction in a walkway. Maybe someone didn’t use a warning sign where they should have, or didn’t maintain a pathway as well as they could. In these situations, you shouldn’t blame yourself if you’ve been injured; instead, you should ask yourself why the accident happened and what you’re going to do about it.

The injuries suffered in accidents like these can be life changing, not just for the victim but for their family too. Nationwide, slip, trips and falls account for over half of all reported injuries, and cost employers over £500 million a year in lost production and other related costs.

Whatever has happened to you, if you or a loved one were injured in one of the many slips, trips and falls in Cambridge, Accident Advice Helpline can help. We provide you with an expert, personal injury solicitor in Cambridge to advise you on your options and get your case up together, so you can focus on your recovery while we fight for the compensation you deserve.

Not every slip, trip and fall is a blameless accident. If someone didn’t do enough to protect you, why let them get away with it? Talk to our friendly advisors today, and discover just how easy it can be to make a claim for compensation.

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We’ll explain how our no win no fee agreement works, so you’ll know that you don’t to need worry about finding any money to get your claim started, or about any big legal bills from us if your claim is lost.

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