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Personal injury solicitor in Bedford

It is estimated that over 3 million accidents take place every year in the UK, but none of us expect them to happen to us. As well as any injuries you may suffer, accidents are a shock to the system and can cause far-reaching problems for those involved. This can be made even worse if the accident you were injured in was the fault of someone else.

You may be aware of compensation, but never thought that you would need an injury solicitor in Bedford to help you make a claim. Undoubtedly you will have suffered more than enough already as a result of the accident, so instead of making it worse searching for an injury solicitor in Bedford, take the easy way and get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline. 

We have over 16 years of experience in making successful claims for all types of accidents and injuries, and have assisted many thousands of innocent victims to win the compensation they deserved. If you’re not sure if you can claim, just ask yourself these four simple questions.

  • Have you been involved in an accident that was the fault of someone else?
  • Did you suffer personal injuries in the accident?
  • Did your injuries need medical treatment?
  • Did the accident happen within the last three years?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you almost certainly have a case to start a compensation claim. Even if you’re still not sure, we can help you find out. Get in touch with our friendly advisers today and we’ll do what we can to put a case together.

Road traffic accidents in Bedford

Bedford is within the commuter belt for London, and as such is a busy place to be on the road during rush hour. Traffic jams, congested roads and impatient drivers is a recipe for disaster, so it’s no surprise that most road traffic accidents in Bedford occur during at this time of day.

Across the UK, the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads stands at an average of around 24,000 per year. A further 170,000 suffer minor injuries. According to the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership, around 300 people a year are killed or seriously injured on the roads in Bedford and around the county.

Of the accidents in Bedford itself, the worst roads included the A6 Clapham Road, the A6 Tavistock Street and the A603 Cardington Road. Also notable accident blackspots were the A421 at Kempston, the A412 at Fields Road and the Town Centre itself, mainly due to congestion.

Many of the road traffic accidents in Bedford could have been avoided if drivers were paying full care and attention to what they were doing. If you have been injured in an accident in Bedford that was not your fault, talk to Accident Advice Helpline for support. Whether you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a biker, it is your right to make a claim.

Whiplash accident in Bedford

Even low speed crashes can cause a serious injury, such as you might see with a whiplash accident in Bedford. Even if you were travelling at just five miles per hour, the force of the impact can move your head suddenly, damaging soft tissues in your neck and shoulders.

Not all whiplash injuries are caused by car accidents; in fact, any activity which causes the head to be moved quickly back and forth could cause whiplash, such as:

  • You are injured while playing contact sports such as rugby or boxing
  • You suffer a slip or trip and land awkwardly
  • Something solid hits your head
  • You lift heavy items in an incorrect manner
  • You fall from a cycle, or maybe a horse or something else

The list of how whiplash happens is endless because all it takes is something to make your head move from its normal movement zone. That can tear or stretch the soft tissues in your neck and that is what causes the pain of whiplash.

Soft tissue injuries in any part of the body are self-healing, but they need time. For most people the injury will heal in just a few weeks, but for some victims it lasts much longer. There is further advice on how to cope with a whiplash injury on the NHS Choices website.

If the accident was not your fault, then a personal injury solicitor in Bedford can help you seek compensation. Don’t join the 33 per cent of whiplash victims who don’t seek to make a claim; get what is owed to you with the help of our expert solicitors.

Slips Trips and falls in Bedford

You might think that someone who has been injured through slips trips or falls in Bedford is just unlucky, maybe even a little clumsy. But when that slip or fall could have been prevented, it’s important to recognise that it was not their fault at all.

Slips, trips and falls are the single biggest cause of all accidental injuries in the UK today, according to HSE. They can occur in the workplace, in a public area, while out shopping or any number of other places, and can lead to serious injury such as whiplash, broken bones and back injuries.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, our specialist personal injury solicitors have fought for justice for people who have slipped, tripped or fallen through no fault of their own. For example:

  • Victims have slipped on a spillage that should have been cleaned up, or cordoned off
  • People have tripped over trailing wires
  • A lack of health and safety has resulted in a fall from height

There are many other ways that slips, trips and falls in Bedford happen, so if your injuries were the fault of someone else, you deserve access to justice and to make a personal injury compensation claim. We are here to help you, so if you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor in Bedford, please do get in touch.

Work accident in Bedford

All UK employers have a duty to provide a safe, healthy working environment for their employees. Unfortunately, not every employer does what needs to be done to keep people safe, which can lead to a workplace accident.

Bedford Borough Council have stated that there were over 1,000 reports of injury caused by a work accident in Bedford between 2010 and 2016. The majority of these injuries were related to slips, trips and falls in the workplace, with 401 incidents making up more than a third (39 per cent) of the reports.

Other accidents involved being struck by an object or vehicle (149 reports), manual handling injuries (130 reports) and falls from height (84 reports). A further 273 incidents did not fit into any of these categories, but may have involved electrical accidents, harmful substances, workplace violence and more.

Not all of these situations will have been the employers fault; sometimes these incidents are just bad luck. But if you’ve been injured in a work accident in Bedford and believe your employer could have done more, be that in terms of your training, maintenance of equipment or provision of safety solutions, you may be able to claim compensation.

Ignorance is no excuse, and all the information they need is available on the government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

Workplace accident compensation is a complicated area of law, so you need to have a specialist on your side. We can be your expert personal injury solicitor in Bedford, so that your case has the very best chance of being a success.

Don’t lose your entitlement to compensation

It is estimated that only about 30% of accident victims take steps to claim the compensation they are legally entitled to. There are many different reasons that they might make this decision, but by far the most common is that they are concerned about the costs involved.

Don’t let that stop you making your claim, as at Accident Advice Helpline we work on a no win no fee basis. You will not have to pay us any money to start your claim, or pay our legal fees if it is not won.

We will keep the whole process as simple and efficient as possible, starting with giving you all the free claims advice you need. Our friendly advisers are waiting to take your call, so why not ring us today?